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How to Upload Your Video to Multiple Video Hosting Sites

Hosting your videos on a free, video sharing website such as YouTube, Blip.tv, Vimeo, Dailymotion or even on a social networking site such as Facebook has many advantages to reach higher visibility on search engine results (SEO).   Best, of all, content delivery costs are paid for by the sharing site.

A great way of distributing videos is to use a hyper-syndication service, which batch uploads your video to various online hosting services.  For those interested in the “hyper-syndication” model of distributing your video to multiple video sharing sites, there are a number of FREE and premium choices available:

OneLoad is a free video distribution service for brand advertisers and content creators who want to easily seed their videos to the top video and social networking sites. Users can also leverage our Destinations feature to easily distribute to custom sites as well as encode and create RSS feeds to syndicate your video anywhere.

Videos distributed through OneLoad are automatically tracked by our powerful analytics suite. See views, viewed minutes and second-by-second engagement.


  • HeySpread  (discontinued)
  • VideoWildfire  (discontinued)

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