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How to Use Google Adwords for SEO Keyword Research

Google adwords21 300x193 - How to Use Google Adwords for SEO Keyword ResearchUpdate: Google has since removed Google Keyword Tool, but you can still use Google Adwords.
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Research of keywords means it is a process which determines the keywords to be used in search engine by different consumers. But, main question is, how research of keywords is done?

How research of keywords is done?

Answer to this question is simple, Google Ad words. This is very useful tool in different ways for seo services. You can start doing research by making use of broadest keywords which are relating to your website. Before starting you should take care of few settings.

Choosing keywords

First you should set the language as your preferred language. Next thing which you should set is the location of your audience. If you want to target global audience then you should set it to all countries. Once all these settings are done then next thing which you should make sure is to choose exact matching so that it can display perfect volume.

Narrowing it down

At the end you will come up with the list of 10 to 15 keywords related to your article or website. This keywords are after omitting none relevant keywords or out of topic keywords. You should continue the same process and try to eliminate least relevant ones till you find only three to four strong key words to give you best seo services.

One of the best ways to select the most relevant key words for your topic and at the same time you should also enjoy a very good traffic volume if your website is totally new to the seo services. For this, you should write very good content and you should also build links for your contents as well. Google Ad Words is a best tool for seo services. You should make sure all of your settings related to some basic factors like country, local or global search volume and language.

Repeat the process

Now, you should repeat the whole process again with your selected keywords and keep on repeating the same till you find final two to three keywords which are themed for your website and then you can start your writing or perform seo services. Some people generally choose their keywords based on the current market competition, they are not concerned about achieving best revenue for their sites. Other people are generally inclined to get the highest and global traffic.

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