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How to Write a Professional Business Email Format

Today, email is one of the most used methods of communication. It can be used either at the workplace or just casually. You are likely to use email due to its speed and efficiency. In the business world, you should write a professional email. It must be a clear and concise message.

As we know, everyone used to writing casual emails to your friends? Perhaps want to learn how to write formal emails? Worry no more! Several people are struggling with writing professional emails.

Regular emails are usually the best when you send an email to someone you do not know well. It is also the best choice when sending emails in some business situations. If you are not sure about the kind of letter to send, it is advisable to submit a formal email message.

This article provides you with amazing tips to apply when writing business email.

Email Format

Your email needs to have plenty of white space. It is good to assist the reader. Emails have meant for speed reading. When writing a business email, it is essential to ensure you use short paragraphs.

You can use bullet points and lists in your email to streamline the information. Besides, make sure you break concepts using headings. It will allow your reader to skim through your email quickly.

Are you writing a business email? Here are the formatting features you need to consider. Ways on how to use them have been explored for you. Please go through them, make use of them in your business emails, and never go unread.


The font is a typeface very crucial when writing a business email. You need to choose a font for your email. You can use sans serif. It is a more modern font to use in your emails. Besides, it is simple as well as easy to read on the screen. Even at a small size, your audience can understand easily.

Text size

When writing a business email, ensure you maintain your remain within the standard size. The most appropriate size is between 10-12pt.


Business emails have meant for serious matters. Use bold for your email headings. It will help you to emphasize relevant text. Would you want to catch the eyes of your audience? Use bold text. It will enable you to achieve that as your reader scans through your sent email.


Italics plays an important role when you are writing a business email. They are a softer way to attract your audience’s attention to a given area of your text. You can use them to put more emphasis on a sentence within your email.


Avoid using underlined when writing a business email. It will be confused for a link.

Text color

Do not apply multiple colors when writing a business email. You will draw your audience’s eyes to several locations within your text and appear unprofessional.


Are you writing a business email? It is more professional to write the text, which has wholly aligned to the left. Writing business email does not require you to use indent when starting paragraphs. If you change your email alignment, your reader may face challenges to skim through it.

Use of numbers

You may be writing a business email that requires you to outline steps. It is right for you to use a numbered list. It will assist you in organizing content if the sequence is of the essence.

Bullet points

They will enable you to create white space on your email page. It will allow you to attract the attention of your reader to be related items on your email.

Parts you need to have in your business email

Subject line

Your email needs to have a mini summary. That is the subject line. It increases the chance of your business email to be read by your audience. Make it short. You can write between three to eight words giving an overview of your content. Include it when writing a business email to make your reader open the email.


Use concise and professional greeting when writing a business email. You can address your recipient by use of their names.


Your business email needs to address one thing. Be direct and concise. Your request should not be hidden. It may make your email to be ignored.

Additional information

When writing a business email, ensure you give your recipient extra information. But the other information needs to be relevant. It can be a link to a resource or even to clarify a given task.

Call action

Have you come near the end of writing your business email? Provide a call to action. You are sending a business email to achieve one task. Do not assume that your audience understands the expected result from your earlier information.

Closing message

You can close your email with a polite phrase. It has been used to indicate that you have completed writing a business email.

Sign of and signature

It is right for you to include your signature and name at the end of your email. Phrase them in a way that matches the formality of the business email.

Attachment and links

Ensure you provide your recipient with any links and attachments referenced. It will save on going inbox to search for them. Even, if you had sent an attachment to your reader during the previous time. It is right for you to attach it again.

The links you send can be to direct your recipient to your website. Some hyperlinks are longs and can distract when used in the email text. So, it is good to integrate them into the sentences that exist.


Are you done to compose your email? Do not be in a hurry or confusion to click the send button. You need to take some time and consider your business email. Check any spelling or grammatical errors from your email. Some mistakes may make you convey wrong information. Besides, to send an email with errors may make you appear less serious.


There are several emails exchanged around every day. It is the main reason why you need to understand how to write business emails. Your email should be short and precise. It should be relaying your intention to the target reader.

For you to be effective in a world that is sending billions of emails daily, there are vital aspects to consider. The main one is to step in the right direction in terms of the email format. It doesn’t matter whether you want to begin the workforce or aim to improve your electronic communication skills. The above tips will be helpful!

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