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How To Write Copy That Google Will Rank and People Will Love

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So, you know all there is to know about SEO and all there is to know about copywriting. But how about writing content that Google will rank high and people will adore?

Here are some tips:

Create Great Headlines

“Headlines are the first thing people see of your content. They need to make an impact or you can lose the attention of your readers quickly”, says Ashton Herbert, a writer at Draftbeyond and Writinity.

This is also an excellent place to implement SEO.

Here is how to use headlines for SEO:

  • Add a keyword close to the beginning of your headline
  • Bring it down to the bare bones
  • No clever wording (or it could get nowhere on the search)

Here is how to optimize headlines for readers:

  • Make them relevant and truthful (which plays nicely with your keyword tactic)
  • Address your audience
  • Use numbers in your headlines (“7 Tips…”,”Top 10…” etc.)
  • Make them engaging and compelling
  • Hint at the amount of quality information (“A complete guide…”)

You can combine your SEO tactics with your headline copywriting tactics to get the perfect combination that will help your readers find you and entice them to click on your article.

Speed Up Your Site

Site speed is one of the main factors of SEO that is affecting your search engine ranking position. The truth is that Google doesn’t like sites that take too long to load  and neither do users.

Test your site speed first and if it’s too below average, speed it up by optimizing images, videos and installing plugins that can help you.

Slow loading speed can result in high bounce rates – this means that your readers are leaving your site within seconds of landing on it. Speed is one of the main causes. In order to get better ranking and get users to stick around, improve your page speed.

Write Good Content

“Content marketing is all the rage today and for a good reason. It provides something useful and entertaining for your readers and it also serves to rank you better on Google,”says Glinda Aniston, a director of marketing at Last Minute Writing and Lucky Assignments.

With good content you can attract and engage more visitor and customers which improves your search ranking. But to get there  you need content in the first place – so you can optimize it with keywords, links and various other factors that can help you rank better.

This ultimately works both ways and it can seriously boost your business if done right.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

While keywords were mentioned as a good way to get great ranking, this doesn’t mean that you should stuff them all over your content. This can result in a Google penalty and repel users from reading your content.

Opt for clever and seamless keyword placement.

In the headline, close to the beginning, in the first 100 words and in the subtitles. Generally, keywords have dropped in SEO value over the recent years so it’s better to aim for quality writing than for keyword stuffing.

Use Formatting

Formatting is something that’s good for your copy and your SEO at the same time. In the case of SEO, headings, subheadings and bullet points signal to Google that you keep your readers in mind so they place you well in the rankings.

But it’s even better for your copy since people can read it without getting bored or giving up mid-text. You want to follow the general formatting and readability guidelines.

  • Use subheadings frequently
  • Use bullet point lists wherever possible and appropriate – but don’t make them too long or don’t add too many bullets, 3-5 is best to aim for.
  • Create short paragraphs, 3 sentences tops. Leave enough white space for readers to rest.
  • Bold the most important elements of your text. This brings focus to them.

You can also use plenty of images (optimized, naturally), videos, Infographic, charts and so on. Make it so that the 2500 word post reads like a 500 word post.

SEO and copywriting definitely play well together. Follow these tips to get the best of both worlds.

Martina Sanchez is an entrepreneur and a content marketing specialist at Researchpapersuk and Gum Essays. She loves writing articles for her blog where she shares her opinions as well as tips and tricks on digital marketing, SEO and so on.


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