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IBM and Salesforce Announce Landmark Global Strategic Partnership on Artificial Intelligence

Employing AI for sales is a powerful initiative because it arms salespeople and Salesforce customers to enhance their sales with deeper knowledge of their customers and prospects that aid for intelligent engagement and guiding them with suitable messages.

IBM has revolutionized the Watson artificial intelligence and extended it for the service of Salesforce customers. IBM and Salesforce has officially declared their global strategic partnership to administer joint solutions formulated to leverage AI and allow companies drive smarter decisions, faster than ever before. As a part of team up, IBM has recently signed an agreement agreeing to employ the Salesforce Service Cloud for the internal usage.

The enterprise believes it as a rewarding move to enable their customers with the ever-growing AI platform to grow their sales exponentially. These two prominent companies of the tech industry are investing a whole lot in artificial intelligence and machine learning, enabling the attempt of computer programs to connect data in modern ways to deliver new quality insights and assistance to users, and constantly cite the prominence of AI in the sales pitches to customers. Salesforce Training better assists you leverage deeper insights of the key areas and concepts covered under the course.

Artificial Intelligence redesigning Salesforce applications

This partnership leads to the introduction of newer insights from Watson straight into the Salesforce Intelligent Customer Success Platform, integrating deep customer insights from Einstein with Watson’s data across various sources including weather, financial services, and retail. Consecutively, Watson and Einstein both derive recommendations to accelerate decision making and ensure greater customer success.

Salesforce Einstein is just like your data scientist.

Salesforce Einstein is the AI built within the core of the Salesforce Platform. It facilitates advanced abilities to sales, marketing, and other services to enable anyone to utilize clicks to build AI-powered apps. These apps evolve better and smarter with each interaction. All this process leads to effective utilization of AI by anyone within their business requirements.

Einstein gathers a whole lot of information from — CRM, calendar, ERP, social, and IoT to forecast the recommendations within the chosen context. Under certain conditions, it even performs task automation. So smarter and quicker decisions can be framed with assertiveness and concentrate more on customers at each touchpoint.

For most of the enterprises, the technicalities, infrastructure and other requirements needed to handle AI solutions play a significant role to leverage in the enterprise applications. Salesforce Einstein is eliminating the AI complexities, enabling enterprises to furnish intelligent, customized and more anticipating customer experiences. Most predominantly, Einstein’s smartness will be inserted among the frame of business, automatically deploying suitable insights, foresee upcoming behavior, recommend quick actions and automating tasks.

Final Words…

Salesforce Einstein is a comprehensive set of best-in-class platform services that promote modern AI capabilities making Salesforce evolve as the world’s #1 and intelligent CRM bringing intelligence to all the clouds. Within a few years, it is expected that every major decision of any business, regardless of its size will be made with the help of AI and cognitive technologies. The founders believe that “The collaboration of Einstein and Watson ensure businesses get smarter and customers become more successful. It is like bringing the best of two worlds together”. Go through Salesforce online training to get the basic fundamentals of Salesforce.

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