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Infographic – Cloud Services Compared

Cloud storage is a fantastic concept, particularly in an age where we expect to be able to access files from anywhere at any time. Also, it can be a godsend when disk space on your hardware is at a premium, so the question should not be ‘Will I use cloud storage?’ but rather ‘What cloud storage provider will I use?’.

This infographic from ERS IT Solutions  can help with addressing that latter question. It examines six of the main cloud storage platforms, comparing key factors such as maximum file size, free storage capacity, the cost of paid plans and the operating systems with which they are compatible. It also outlines the primary plus and minus points of each one so that you have a very straightforward guide to what these cloud platforms are like.

If you’re unfamiliar with cloud storage and you just want something that is easy to use and doesn’t require huge volumes of storage, Dropbox or Google Drive are perfect for you. They are simple to navigate and files can be uploaded with ease, while Dropbox is bound to work on pretty much every operating system.

For those who are more skilled or experienced with cloud storage, iCloud Drive is worth considering. Its interface is quite complex to understand, but once mastered it is a joy to use. If you’re using cloud storage exclusively for professional purposes, Box has a massive range of business tools such as collaboration and file privacy control. It’s best avoided if you’re only using cloud casually, though, as it can be tricky and unwieldy.

Learn more about these and other cloud storage platforms in the infographic below.

Cloud Services Compared Infographic - Infographic - Cloud Services Compared

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