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Information Technology, A Look At The Future

The field of information technology has had a major role in how modern businesses are operated. Without an actual, functioning IT department, you can believe that it’s not going to be easy to survive as an enterprise in this day and age.

Such companies will be struggling with everything from the basic management of logistics to the actual communications within and without the company.

This is why, for the last few decades, IT positions were highly sought after. With the changing of the times, however, this might no longer be the case. There are now plenty of things that can affect the future of IT and not all of them are good in terms of jobs. You can click here to learn more.

Artificial Intelligence/Automation

Artificial intelligence is expected to impact the information technology industry in several ways. Chief among them would be the matter of making the work of those in the profession much easier while also threatening their jobs.

Basically, several experts have noted how artificial intelligence can do the grunt work in coding, handling communications, and other more mundane tasks in IT. By doing so, the actual humans can focus on tasks that require more finesse and contextual thinking. This could change as AIs become more sophisticated, but this isn’t expected to happen for several decades, at least.

Then there’s the threat that AI poses on coders who are currently responsible for doing the grunt work that was just mentioned. Not every programmer is going to be a head of a department or a leader of a team project. Those who are at the bottom of the ladder are predicted to be at risk of losing their jobs when AIs become intelligent enough to code as well as a human could.


Blockchain is expected to impact practically every facet of life. From elections to ending world hunger and poverty, no part of existence is immune from the influence that this digital ledger network is expected to have. The same goes for the IT industry and those who are involved in it.

The most notable aspect of Blockchain that an IT professional might want to take note of if they want to remain employed is how the network can essentially remove a lot of middlemen. Many argue that this is precisely the point to the technology, which will not only make entire systems more efficient, it can also remove undesirable aspects such as corruption.

Unfortunately, many of those in those who are middlemen are either individuals or entire firms dedicated to IT. As such, job loss is also expected in this regard.


Anyone who has been paying attention to the news recently, especially those that are about the technology sector, will know how cyber security threats have been growing in both number and potency of late. These days, a malware attack can infect up to 150 countries simultaneously and cripple their infrastructure such as airports and hospitals.

The job of an IT professional, therefore, is to always stay ahead of these cyber threats. Not only that, it’s also their job to develop countermeasures to such dangers so that their clients or employers can remain safe to conduct business.

Cloud Services

Finally, cloud computing and storage are already such a huge part of the IT industry that to point out their influence would be rather redundant. On the other hand, as much as the Cloud has already impacted the tech industry today, it’s nothing compared to what it’s expected to do in the future. Of course, it always pays to have more info to work with.

Those in the entertainment industry are particularly apt to see an uptick in reliance on Cloud services, with streaming movies, video games, virtual reality, and augmented reality being just some of the most obvious areas that will be affected. This means plenty of jobs for the overworked IT professional, both with those who rely on Cloud services and those who provide them.

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