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Ink Cartridge Compatibility

The nagging puzzle solved – everything you need to know about ink cartridges’ compatibility

There’s hardly any feeling more gutting for the printer operator to be handed a cartridge that is not compatible with the printer. It might not come across as an obvious aspect to you, but maintaining compatibility between the printer and the ink cartridge you use is imperative. This article attempts to explain the different issues you need to keep in head while going for that ink cartridge shopping online.

Why is it YOUR responsibility to ensure compatibility?

Simple, it’s your printer! The point we’re trying to make here is that there are several ink cartridge manufacturers who cut corners in their production, and sell low quality ink cartridges, which might work with your printer, but end up either ruining the print quality, or damaging the printer irreparably. If you are purchasing compatible ink cartridges, you need to keep at least two types of checks in mind to ensure seamless printing every time.

Physical compatibility – of course, you know about it

The insides of the printer house several small and large components, each of which contributes towards forming the perfect printing ecosystem. You are in for trouble if you try to force an ink cartridge into the slot inside the printer. Even a mismatch of a couple of millimeters will make that cartridge you bought incompatible for your printer. You’d only make things tougher by trying to strong arm the cartridge into the slot, which is bound to lead to several troubles like parts breakage, ink spills, and what not.

Electronic compatibility – something you might have not known about

You might have noticed the electronic chip at the end of your ink cartridge. That’s from where electronic communication between the cartridge and the printer head takes place. So, maintaining electronic compatibility is also another important aspect. You’d do well to know about the specifications for your printer. Mostly, popular printer manufacturers use either the continuous inkjet or the Demand on Dot printing technology. The latter of these further has two variants – piezoelectric DOD and thermal DOD. It is imperative that you get an ink cartridge that’s electronically compatible with your printer; just the physical fitment of the cartridge into the slot inside the printer body is not enough.
Keeping the two types of compatibility checks in mind is bound to ensure that your ink cartridges fit perfectly into your printer, and provide top quality prints every time.

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