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Intel is Serious About Lobbying for Change

intel - Intel is Serious About Lobbying for ChangeIn the third quarter, Intel spent around $878,000 lobbying the U.S. trade representative, Congress, and other federal entities. Intel firmly believes that the U.S. needs to change the way it does business with the rest of the world. And they’ve been serious about it for a while. Last year the company spent $830,000 lobbying. Additionally, in the second quarter of this year, Intel paid a whopping $988,120 in lobbying fees.

The amount of money Intel devotes to lobbying is actually pretty small considering how much revenue the company brings in every year. Still, it’s a lot of money for one company to pay in the world of lobbying. In case you’re wondering, here’s what Intel wants the federal government to change:

  • They want the U.S. to approve free-trade agreements as soon as possible. These free-trade agreements would allow the U.S. to trade more services and goods with an increased number of global markets. As a result of the ability to trade with additional markets around the world, Intel ardently believes that the U.S. jobs market would improve dramatically. According to Intel, increased access to trade opportunities would increase the need for more U.S. workers to produce more products and deliver more services.
  • Intel, along with several other major tech companies, would like the federal government to ease up on their immigration policies as they relate to allowing foreigners to relocate and work in the U.S. Major tech companies want to be able to recruit globally, so they have access to the most talented and skilled workers in the world. According to some sources, Intel believes that being able to recruit the most skilled workers from other countries will allow U.S. tech companies to become even more influential and innovative. Additionally, relaxing immigration policies for skilled foreign workers could be a good PR move for the U.S.

No one is sure yet what kind of influence Intel will be able to have on the federal government. However, it stands to reason that if major tech companies join forces to lobby for change, U.S. trade and immigration policies could be altered forever.

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