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IOTransfer, an iPhone/iPad Manager/ Video Downloader Review

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IOTransfer allows you to transfer media files between PC and iOS and manage your iPhone or iPad without iTunes on Windows or on Mac.

iTunes is not always favored by iOS and Mac users.  It is limited in capability and flexibility and required by Apple by default to add music, videos, and photos.

However if there was a simple way to do without iTunes and easily manage your device without having to deal with the flaws of Apple’s software, would that interest you?   IOTransfer offers such capability and also works in Windows 7/8/8.1/10, iOS 8 and later.  At the same time, it is useful for creating backups.

Benefits of IOTransfer

    • Perfect tools for sync up across iOS devices and PC.
    • Intuitive UI
    • Easy to install and use.
    • Faster transfer and better stability
    • No technical knowledge required.

What’s New in IOTransfer 3

IOTransfer 3 provides a 1-click solution to easily transfer photos, music, videos, and contacts from your iOS device to PC. It also helps you import, export, and delete more contents, such as iBooks, Podcasts, Voice Memos, Apps in the MANAGE tab. Thus, it is a perfect iTunes alternative. Additionally, the optimized VIDEOS feature supports downloading various videos from more video websites to your iPhone/iPad/iPod and PC so that you can watch them offline. The improved CLEAN feature supports to clear more caches and junk files on your iOS device to free up more space.  Last but not least, IOTransfer 3 has a brand-new user interface, which is more intuitive and easier for operation.

  • New AirTrans – Wirelessly and freely transfer or share photos, music, videos, etc. between your iOS device and computer anytime.
  • New Video Converter – Convert videos into various file formats, such as MP4, MP3, AVI, MKV, MOV, and directly transfer them to iDevices.
  • Transfer & Manager – Transfer & manage your photos, music, videos, contacts, etc. between your iOS device and computer.
  • Video Downloader – Download online videos from various famous video websites, such as YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram.
  • Junk File Cleaner – One-click to clear all caches and junk files on your iOS device to free up more space.
  • More user-friendly UI with smoother operation process and larger interface size.
  • Supported 14 languages
  • More can be discovered by you.

IOTransfer 3 Pro

IOTransfer also offers a Pro version that adds additional functionality to the software.  Some of these features include:

  • Access to All Functions
  • File Transfer/Delete
  • Video Download + Conversion
  • iOS Cleaning

IOTransfer: An easier to use alternative to iTunes for Windows

While IOTransfer can serve both Apple and PC users, this review focuses on Windows but applies to both operating systems and both types of hardware.

IOTransfer is an alternative to iTunes for Windows computers, and allows iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch users to manage their devices with ease and can do everything that iTunes can do.

Wirelessly Transfer Media

The newly developed AIR-TRANS, which adopts WiFi Direct technology, allows you to quickly and wirelessly transfer photos, videos, and other files between iOS device and PC on the same local network. What’s more, the newly added Converter feature in VIDEOS helps you effortlessly convert video files into various file formats including audio file formats and automatically transfer them to your iOS device. No need to worry about unsupported video file format anymore.

11.airtrans 1024x673 - IOTransfer, an iPhone/iPad Manager/ Video Downloader Review

With IOTransfer software, you can transfer and synchronize data as well as create backups from your device to your PC. In addition to backups and contacts, you can manage media files like photos, music, and videos … you can even manage applications using IOTransfer.

6.manage contacts 1024x673 - IOTransfer, an iPhone/iPad Manager/ Video Downloader Review

Not only do you have all this functionality and more; you can even do your transferring through wireless!


iOS users use their iPhones and iPads as cameras to record precious moments in their lives. With IOTransfer’s Photo Manager, you can save your snapshots from your iPhone or iPad to your PC.

5.manage photos 1024x673 - IOTransfer, an iPhone/iPad Manager/ Video Downloader Review

Conversely, if you have photos stored on your computer and want to copy them to your iOS device, you can also use this software to perform this transfer.

You can transfer most file formats.  IOTransfer offers various conversion tools (ex. Heic to jpg)


IOTransfer does not stop at photos; you can also use the software to transfer music between your iOS device and your computer in a few clicks. IOTransfer also lets you sync music from your computer to an iOS device without deleting previously stored songs on it.

7.manage videos 1024x673 - IOTransfer, an iPhone/iPad Manager/ Video Downloader Review

You can also copy the music stored on an iPhone to the computer and share it with your friends.


Video transfer is also an additional feature present in IOTransfer. With a simple drag and drop, you can add your favorite videos, movies and TV series to your iPhone or iPad to enjoy wherever you want.

7.manage videos 1024x673 - IOTransfer, an iPhone/iPad Manager/ Video Downloader Review

Check out their YouTube video downloader and transfer any YouTube video to any of your devices with IOTransfer.

A built in downloader enables you to seemlessly transfer video with just a URL.

9.video download 1024x673 - IOTransfer, an iPhone/iPad Manager/ Video Downloader Review

Video Converter

IOTransfer 3 is a simple yet effective iPhone/iPad/iPod file transfer and management tool, as well as a powerful video downloader and converter.

10.video convert 1024x673 - IOTransfer, an iPhone/iPad Manager/ Video Downloader Review

Podcasts to PC

One disadvantage of podcasts is that it is limited to iOS users.  But with IOTransfer, you can now transfer your favorite podcasts to PC.


You can also create backups of your device with IOTransfer.  You can create complete backups including your photos, videos, music, contacts, messages, and more … all in one click.

If you’re looking to get iTunes out of your life, IOTransfer is a great alternative to iTunes on Windows. You can download IOTransfer from the official website.

Install IOTransfer Software

IOTransfer offers 2 types of software installation.

IOTransfer iPhone Transfer: iPhone Transfer Software

IOTransfer: Online Video Downloader

Installing IOTransfer

  • Download software from official source and install like windows software.
  • Open Setup and install driver on your PC
  • After completing the installation, you can easily transfer Video, Music, Photo etc either PC to iPhone or iPhone to PC.
  • With the help of Manage Option, one can easily export Videos, Photos, Music, and Contact Files to iPhone. You can also delete files safely.
  • With Clean Option from Phone Storage, you can easily remove unwanted files by just one click.
  • IOTransfer Software has Inbuilt Video Downloader, where you can easily download videos from any online source.

1.connect device 1024x673 - IOTransfer, an iPhone/iPad Manager/ Video Downloader Review


Without a doubt, IOTransfer is an excellent utility for every iOS users and must-have software for your PC/Mac

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