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When to and When Not to Go to the Apple Store for Repairs

The Apple Store is the first place most apple users think about going when they have issues with their apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, iMac, Macbook, etc).  I mean why not go directly to the manufacturer?  If you are covered under warranty, this is probably a worthwhile option, but there are also circumstances where it may be preferable to go to a 3rd party repair shop.

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  • If your Apple device has a functional issue withing the first year of purchasing it, you are likely still covered by Applecare warranty.  This only applies if you purchased the device brand new under Applecare warranty.
  • When your issue is the result of faulty parts related to manufacturing.  If you broke the screen, buttons, or other parts, it is not covered with your warranty.
  • If you have insurance on your phone, you are covered for your broken screen, buttons, etc., however you must pay a deductible which may set you back $100.  In addition, the wait time to receive a new phone from insurance can take a couple days or more.

When to go to a 3rd party repair service

  • If you have a time sensitive repair, the Apple store may not be your best option.  First off there is a long line at almost every Apple store, and to get service, you need to schedule an appointment with Apple. One you are able to get an appointment and drop off your device, you may not always get it the same day, depending on how busy they are.
  • If you have insurance and broken your screen, the deductible may cost about $100.  You might be better off going to a 3rd party repair shop to get your screen fixed for less money and less time.
  • If you are not covered under Applecare warranty, service at the Apple store may not be worth it.  Apple may try to sell you a new device which can cost at least $500 to thousands of dollars.  Repairs with insurance or warranty are often extremely expensive.

This video is an example of how an expensive repair at the Apple store can cost much less elsewhere.

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