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iPhone or Android: What Does Your Smartphone Tell About You?

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Gadgets have become a part of our individuality. Most of us spend about five hours a day on our devices. It all starts in the early morning.

What do you do first after waking up? Reach the smartphone to turn off the alarm. At work, in transport, during lunch – the gadgets are always with us. We do not break up with him even in bed or in the bathroom.

On the one hand, it is very convenient: at any time, you can contact your family or friends, exchange news, ask for advice or help, or even gambling online. On the other hand, just imagine we are in touch 24/7. Isn`t it very tiring? However, what gadgets can tell about our characters and us?

A team of researchers from British Lancaster and Lincoln Universities has studied the behavior and habits of more than 500 clients of the Android and iOS operating systems. They concluded that the selection of the device really reflects some of the qualities of its owner.

For example, people who prefer Android considered more sincere than iPhone buyers, scientists say, but owners of iPhones are younger and more open. The research found that women are more likely to own iPhone, while Android users are most often men.

Smartphone as a Mini Version of Its Owner

Scientists believe that the choice is something that allows a person to show his personal qualities. Heather Shaw, one of the authors of the study, said that gadgets have already become a mini-digital version of their owners.

People tied to their iPhone are no richer than Android owners are, but Apple fans are more concerned about the fact that their phone is perceived as an indicator of a certain status. They are more emotional than those who prefer Android.

In addition to spending long periods of time using these devices, individuals also have a large amount of control over their devices, which are highly customizable. Each owner has an almost unique library of downloaded applications, contacts, music, and photographs.

Asking Questions

The authors of the research have developed a program able to guess which smartphone the person owns: “We created a statistical model by interviewing people about themselves. Based on these data, the program 70% of cases guess which phone is in the pocket of a person,” says one of the research authors David Ellis.

More Statistics

The vast majority of phones sold in the world work on the Android operating system or iOS. Android operating system – is the most popular in the world. It occupies 88% of the world market. IOS is the 2nd place accounting 12% of the market.

A modern person could not imagine his or her life without a device. However, it is worth remembering: life outside the smartphone exists and there is still a lot of fascinating things in it.

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