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Jingle Bells played backwards


This is an SEO tactic experiment using an existing popular search term/video, “Backwards Jingle Bells” (a term that gets about 12k queries/mo.) and putting in my own “Jingle Bells Backwards” video to “leech” off that search. So here we go.

Step 1 – Anchor Links:
Now implementing some SEO by putting in some variations of anchor text linking to the videos. This will help Google pick up my videos with the search term “Backwards Jingle Bells” and “Jingle Bells Backwards”. (note: there are duplicate videos with unique links for exposure and to be able to repost on various sites, both linked here)

Backwards Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells Backwards

In addition to these, I will do the same concept on other high ranking sites.

Step 2 – Post video/content relevant to the original video and use the same titles and similar tags:

We’ve created our video content and I’ve posted the video content on Youtube (the guy playing is me). I use the same titles as the original video, along with some similar descriptions. Now I wait to test and see what kind of traffic this picks up. I will post results in a month.

Update: Keyword “Jingle Bells backwards” takes the lead! Amazing!
jinglebellsbackwards - Jingle Bells played backwards

Credits: Taken with the new Google phone (not yet available to the public) by my good friend MC. Clear video!

The original “Backwards Jingle Bells”.


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