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Live Video Streaming Application

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IT technologies make our lives easier. At the same time, they are the sort of a special fuel for business development. Powered by great demand for automation and simplification, amazing solutions appear to be attracting more and more attention to industries and businesses.

A special role belongs to live streaming apps for Android and iOS. Those tools appeared relatively recently, but have already won the attention of million Internet users worldwide. With a simple mobile app, each user gets an opportunity to create a video broadcast and share it with an audience. This feature is popular among bloggers, streamers and Internet coaches. At the same time, it has applications in product promotion, advertising, team building, process improvement, etc.

This topic is, however, still unfamiliar to lots of online entrepreneurs and investors. The information related to this topic on the Internet can be overwhelming. It is really hard to find an article devoted to best practices for building a live streaming app, the most suitable technologies  or the most successful examples of live streaming apps for iOS and Android. This is why we have decided to clarify this topic for you and describe the most significant details right here.

A Brief Introduction to Live Video Streaming Application Development

First of all, let us answer the question that bothers most newcomers. What is a live video broadcast? In short, this is a video signal transmitting from the streamer to the audience in real-time.

For example, a video streaming Android app allows the viewer to see the situation through the eyes of the streamer.

You have probably heard about a video streaming app for TV, but today we are going to focus on mobile applications only.

In general, all the iOS live video streaming applications pursue the following goals:

  • improving user entertainment;
  • promoting active business;
  • establishing brand loyalty;
  • delivering real-time information.

And, as is the case with any mobile app, those tools are meant to reach as many users as possible.

Video Streaming Apps’ Basic Functionality

What essential functionality enables attracting thousands of users daily? Successful video streaming apps are featured with different functionality, the most essential being:

Cloud data storage

Such tools as Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Cloud Service are necessary components for high-quality streaming. Here, the video data is safely stored.

Delivery network

Distributed servers are responsible for delivering the content from one user to another. Due to their seamless performance, the watchers get the video signals immediately.

Data compression technology

This is a way to lower the bandwidth on both the streamer’s and watcher’s devices.

Video player

This role is filled by the HTML5 player. It is able to stream video on any platform, any browser and any device in the same way.

Attractive and intuitive interface

Of course, your live stream player for Android needs to look lovely to attract the users. But at the same time, you need to take into account the importance of Flash functionality. With its help, the app streams high-resolution video content, no matter the screen size.

User profile

The possibility to create user profiles helps you with both users’ attraction and data management. Personalization is a great tip for building better business relations, and with user accounts, you can build a dashboard to manage the streams.

Convenient search features

A user appreciates the possibility to find a needed video within seconds. Thus, your search functionality must be fast and efficient.

Comments and discussions

Interaction is crucial. So the possibility to comment on the video streams, communicate with each other and discuss a featured topic will have the users returning to your app.

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