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MacX MediaTrans Giveaway – Two-way Sync iPhone Photos, Videos & Music with Mac/PC

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Do you want to easily manage your iPhone without going through iTunes? Read this MacX MediaTrans review…

MacX MediaTrans as the name itself is a software for Mac (and Windows) that allows you to easily transfer media files from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac.

The software allows you to manage music; video, images and any other media file from the device by checking the contents from your Mac. Thanks to this software, you can manage everything without going through iTunes.

For many users, their smartphone is not just a simple phone, but a device containing a lot of important data and personal memories.

Precisely for this reason it is important to regularly back up your iPhone, if possible both on the cloud and on your Mac / PC.

Why MacX MediaTrans, an ideal iTunes alternative?

ITunes is a good application for backing up your iPhone. But it has its limits. It is not possible to selectively synchronize individual elements, it is not possible to synchronize the same device with multiple PCs and it is certainly not fast.

On the other hand, MacX MediaTrans is software full of computer options that allow two-way synchronization of multimedia content on iOS devices without the need to use iTunes, which in some cases becomes heavy or has errors. In short, a very good alternative to Apple software, that has been recently updated and improved.

This software allows us to better manage the files on our iOS devices, to transfer photo from iPhone to Mac without iTunes and especially two-way and in any case selectively so as to be simpler.

Fast and Easy

Unlike iTunes, MediaTrans has an interface designed only for backup and data synchronization. This software is much simpler and more reasonable to use than iTunes. Data transfer from Mac to iPhone is faster and you can easily transfer 100 photos in 4K resolution in just 8 seconds.

Your HEIC photos are also automatically converted to JPEG, so you will not have to worry about compatibility issues.

Two Way Sync

You can use it to transfer files in reverse, like from iPhone to Mac or vice versa using USB mode. If you transfer movies to watch on your iPad, they will be compressed up to 50% and automatically converted to the appropriate format.

Ringtone Maker

You can even turn any song into a ringtone for the iPhone. It will automatically be converted to an appropriate format and synced to your iPhone.

MacX MediaTrans Giveaway

There is a dedicated giveaway running on the website. Valid till November 15, 2018, this giveaway gives you a change to obtain a free license of this software to easily transfer music from mac to iphone.

To find out all the information on the giveaway and then get the software for free, you can visit MacX MediaTrans giveaway website.

For the Windows version you must click on the dedicated link on the page, while for Mac you can simply enter your email. We remind you that this software is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 and with Mac OS X 10.7 and later.

Top MacX MediaTrans Features

The developers of MacX MediaTrans claim that the reason to prefer their product over iTunes is:

  • Backup & transfer photos, music, videos, iTunes purchase etc.
  • Transfer data between iOS and Mac. Remove iTunes DRM.
  • Create iPhone ringtone. Mount iOS device as USB.
  • Speed: transfer of 100 photos with 4K resolution in about 8 seconds;
  • Graphical interface very easy to use;
  • Possibility to backup with a few clicks;
  • Two-way synchronization;
  • Automatic conversion of MKV and AVI files to solve compatibility problems on iPhone (even on files not purchased through the store);
  • Support for popular files such as music, photos, videos, Office suites and more;
  • DRM removal;
  • Quick deletion of all photos on iPhone;
  • Access to iPhone folders in the Flash Drive style.

Manage iPhone with MacX Mediatrans – Interface

Yes, we can actually define MacX Mediatrans as a great iPhone manager that has a really simple newbie-proof interface.

Once installed, the software will ask to connect the Mac to the device to start managing the iPhone.

After that, a screen divided into five windows.

Photo Transfer:

What will this command do? Exactly, transfer the images!

  • Comfortable, user friendly and very fast.

The transfer is very fast, in approximately 8 seconds approximately 100 photographs with 4K resolution are transferred. With the recent version you can also delete the images in the camera roll at once, making space on the device.

Music Manager:

This feature gives you the convenience of managing music with a simple copy and paste.


allows us to export all the videos, made with our iPhone, to a folder on local hd. Attention, the software, performed this task, does not allow you to delete videos from the idevice. We will have to remove them manually.


Do you ever regret not being able to use your iPhone as if it were an external mass storage device? Well, now this problem no longer exists. You can use your smartphone as if it were a pendrive.

It’s an interesting feature, which transforms iPhone and iPad into a USB stick. With this you can transfer any type of file in the phone’s memory, like Word documents, Excel, PDF, DMG files and so on.

Do you want to try to manage iPhone with MacX Mediatrans?

No problem, the software is available for both PC and Mac, and you can test it for free for 30 days and then acquire 1 year license/ 1Mac for only $ 29.95

MediaTrans, the world’s fastest data transfer tool for iPhone

This software, developed by the Digiarty Macintosh Software Group, is available on macOS and Windows. After a trial period, there are several purchase options:

  • 1 1-year license for $ 29.95;
  • 2 Lifetime licenses for $ 35.95;
  • 3 Lifetime licenses, with a video converter as a gift, for $ 65.95

Final Words

MacX MediaTrans is indeed an excellent iTunes alternative that allows you to transfer files to iPhone and iPad. Specifically ensures the transfer of photos, videos, music, podcasts and much more between iOS devices and Mac.

MacX MediaTrans is definitely a good choice. To get more information and proceed to download MacX MediaTrans we suggest you take a look at the official website.

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