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Manage Business Cards

If you’re in business, attend tradeshows, do a lot of networking, etc., how do you manage all your business cards? CardEzi, a cell phone application, is one developed to convert traditional business cards into digital business card contacts through scanning with added features of having the choice between multiple templates and creating ones own custom business card design.

CardEzi automatically updates ones information on other people’s devices when one updates their own details, and it also functions vice versa.

The application is an amazing one with fabulous features such as cross platform business card sharing, contact imports, contact searching,group management, note taking, synchronization and many more!

CardEzi allows one to create multiple Business cards for any business and personal setups. It is great for networking events, seminars and conferences and allows one to always have their digital business card with them – and never run out.

Further features include:

  • The card can be viewed and saved on any device with the same account.
  • Automatic updates – when someone changes their office details or address, that contact in ones directory gets updated automatically.
  • Access to the web user portal from any device.
  • Add personal notes to the business cards you scan.
  • Share your virtual business card to any platform.
  • Import phone contacts directly into the App. Create as many business cards as you like from the templates provided.
  • The application is currently only available in English but will be available in other languages very soon.

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