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Marketing You Can Do From Your Laptop

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Marketing is a complex world of content production, demographic targeting, and strategy that on the surface takes a great deal of time, money and expertise to perfect.

While it’s certainly the case that enlisting the help of the experts is the only guaranteed way to formulate an effective marketing campaign with a sound strategy and a clear and measurable goal, some smaller forms of marketing can be undertaken simply by an individual from a mobile laptop.

If you’re looking to one-man-band it with some simple marketing techniques, this post will guide you through some ideas.


A website is always a good place to start where the simple side of marketing is concerned: it’s your own domain on the internet, linked to the results on search engine sites that will push web users towards your page. You needn’t be an experienced web designer with a heap of coding experience behind you to make a website that’s helping maximize your brand’s image and reach.

From your laptop, use a platform such as WordPress to create a site that best reflects your company’s values, using tricks of the trade to enhance its visibility on search engines so that more people visit your slick and attractive site.


The next port of call you’ll be able to visit from your laptop is the land of email advertising. Using sites such as theemailfinder.co, you’ll gather the email data of a target audience, or of a select group of clients for B2B relations-building, before creating an email template to use for bulk messaging that reaches exactly the right people with exactly the right message. Check out some tips online, as when it comes to the creation of a bulk-sent email, it helps to know what works and what doesn’t.

Social Media

Logging off from your personal account and on to your ambassadorial role on the company account, you’ll be able to post plenty of material on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that is, once again, free and easily disseminated to target audiences that are not easy to reach through traditional means. Learn the art of the viral post by reading up online about previous successful one-offs and campaigns started through the creativity of a bright spark in a marketing department, and you may hit on a goldmine of publicity and brand awareness.

Online Advertising

Any frequent user of the internet will be aware of the promoted content and promotional media that are now part and parcel of the commodified internet space. Nudging into web pages on news sites, gaming channels, and blogs, these bands of advertising can be designed with ease in order to promote your material across the internet, reaching its millions of users with ease. If you’re not too hot on the design side of things, you’ll be able to contact a company to create and place the advert for you, to your exact specifications.

Marketing can be done from your laptop, in the comfort of your living room, given some tenacity in the methods listed above.

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