Memory Issues

aYB70 - Memory Issues
Ever have random error messages, blue screens, or unexplainable issues occur on your computer?  Have you used chkdsk, sfc /scannow, or swapped out hard drives figuring it was hard drive corruption, only to experience similar issues with the new hard drive?  Have you removed various devices, one by one, only to find that your computer is still full of bluescreens or errors?

Finally, have you tested your memory?  Give it a shot, it may just be your culprit!

Memtest is an awesome memory testing application to determine if your memory is bad or is going bad; burn it on CD or load it to your USB stick and boot up to test your memory.

Get the latest version here.

Pl0J3 - Memory Issues

image 7757747 11369680 - Memory Issues

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  1. I think I have memory issues…

  2. i got memory issues in my head

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