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Microwave weapon: ‘Heat ray’ crowd Dispersal Cannon

The American military have presented the world with a new weapon, informally named the heat ray or microwave cannon. The “Active Denial System” is a non-lethal weapon primarily designed for crowd control.

A video was uploaded on YouTube by USFORCESTV channel of the US military testing a new super high frequency (SHF) weapon. Rumors have long been spread about a “cannon”, which can be mounted on a military vehicle to disperse crowds with the help of a high-powered beam of electromagnetic radiation.

Hearsay still causes the US Department of Defense deny it has spent $120 million on a mobile microwave oven.

The Active Denial System (ADS) beams a high-frequency, man-sized electromagnetic wave 1,000 meters.

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  1. Eww crazy!

  2. The people herded like cattle

  3. It’s coming… military police in your area soon

  4. tageslinsen monatslinsen

    they should use this on protestors

  5. Any technology for military?

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