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MiniTool Power Data Recovery Review

The chances are that you have underestimated the importance of backing up your data. Most people only learn it the hard way, when they’re forced to choose a reliable method of file recovery.

Moreover, it’s only after we lose sensitive information that we understand the importance of a data recovery software that could accelerate the process without losing data.

In case one does not have data backed up already, there is powerful data recovery software that can do the job.  The MiniTool Power Data Recovery scans deeply and restores data for both Windows and Mac. However, not every data recovery software is the same, they come with varying levels of success.

Product Attributes

MiniTool Data Recovery tool is an on-premise software solution designed for data recovery services. It helps in recovering deleted files and formatted and lost data from hard drives, SSD, USB, memory cards, and other storage devices. It can also recover digital media from lost and damaged partitions quickly and easily.

The tool is pliant enough to manage virtually any situation. You can always start a new scan within seconds. MiniTool also alerts the user about any NTFS compressed or encrypted files. However, regrettably, it does not offer backup tools.

Pricing Overview

The MiniTool Data Recovery V8.7 is available for free. However, the premium license is required to recover any significant amount of data. The free users can only recover up to 1 MB for Mac and 1 GB for Windows. As you can see, the most remarkable feature of the upgrade over the free download is the amount of data you can recover.

The pricing for Windows and Mac users are also different. The length of the licenses varies for Windows users. The monthly license costs $69 while an annual plan will cost you $89. If you want a lifetime subscription, you need to pay $99. Moreover, you can apply for licenses of up to three PCs. every Windows recovery comes with unlimited recovery and a WinPE bootable builder.

In contrast, all the licenses come with a lifetime subscription. Nevertheless, there is a limitation on the number of computers you can cover. A personal license for only one PC costs you $79 while giving you unlimited access to results from all past scans and recovery. An extra $10 is required to set up a boot disk. Lastly, the business license starts from $199 for a single computer and $399 for unlimited computers within an organization.

MiniTool Performance and Efficiency

The overall estimation of MiniTool’s performance is reliable. It takes roughly around 40 minutes to scan 256 GB drive on a 2015 iMac. Generally, the progress does not experience any unexpected increase or delay. There is also an option to browse the drive and select files to recover. The scan also shows information about the drive and the recovered data.

The MiniTool app can be downloaded within 18 MB on Mac and 2.5 MB on Windows. This makes the download extremely quick, since there are no tools for backup and only premium users can access previous scans. Even though free users can export scans of .rss files, only paid users can load them back to the app.

Client Setup

The MiniTool client works in alignment with windows 7,8, and 10. The Mac version is available for MacOS 10.5 and later versions. Once the installation process is complete, the dashboard offers four options such as Undeleted recovery, Damaged Partition Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery, and Digital Media Recovery.

The program’s interface is good enough, although it does appear unprofessional to some extent.

MiniTool Support and Competition

Although, the paid users are prioritized over free users, the customer support service is provided. MiniTool comes with a thorough product manual and an FAQ that you can access through the website. There are other ways to have your questions answered:

  • Live Chat: This is the quick way to get help. Through live chat, you can have someone answer your questions within a minute. This option is available on the MiniTool website.
  • Email Support: Another way to connect with the company’s support team is to send a detailed email with a complete description of the problem you have been facing. This will ensure quick help from the company’s side.

Piriform Recuva offers free unlimited data recovery, however, it is not available on Mac. There are other alternatives to MiniTool, such as Phtorec, CrashPlan, Altaro VM backup etc that give a tough competition to the software.

Final Verdict

All things considered, so far, the main drawback of MiniTool data recovery is the limitation on recovery data for free users. Moreover, the relatively poor interface of MiniTool Power Data Recovery V8.7 is another limitation of the product.

Overall, MiniTool is particularly a useful tool if one needs to recover data from a DVD or CD. In general, the product is serviceable for people working on a diversified network of computers as well as for personal use. The Mac version is especially beneficial because of its lifetime subscription plan.

Download MiniTool

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