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Money Making Apps

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While travelling, waiting or doing nothing, the best thing we choose to do is to browse through our mobile phones. This time spent is not very productive; most of it is simply scrolling and checking random stuff and that practically is wasting time.

Wouldn’t the idea of earning while on leisure be exciting? It indeed is possible nowadays with so many new mobile apps around us. Every app has a unique way of paying, some pay in points while most of them allow pay direct dollars to your bank account.

We have listed a whole lot of mobile applications in an infographic below that is created by SwiftTechbuy. It lists the apps that are becoming popular in different parts of the world these days.

Not all apps are safe to install, some can cause severe damage to your device and most of them can even steal your personal data (like your bank account passwords). It is an important decision when choosing the right app to install and is advised that you do it very carefully. Though we have tried to list the review/ratings for these apps from different sources, we advise you to do your own research before installing one. Read all the terms and conditions carefully.

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