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Mortgage Marketing: How to Attract More Homebuyers

Mortgage companies and lending firms nationwide have recently had to adapt to a cooled housing market. For businesses to survive and thrive, they must embrace various clever marketing strategies to attract more buyers off- and online.

Also, according to Statista, America’s real estate market is projected to grow by an incredible 4.49% from 2024 to 2028. Refining a marketing campaign now could help your business earn a much bigger share of the market and develop a firm reputation.

If you are ready to boost your mortgage company’s revenue moving forward, read the following tips on how to attract more homebuyers.

Hire an Experienced Mortgage Marketing Company

An average marketing company is unlikely to have the knowledge, experience, and skills to accelerate your business’s revenue. Help your company reach its potential by hiring one of the finest mortgage lead generation companies to attract more home buyers throughout the years.

Unlike standard agencies, mortgage marketing companies will specialize in real estate and understand the market outlook and the obstacles firms and homebuyers are facing right now. As a result, they can develop strategies to attract more buyers and sellers to your business while helping your brand stand out as an industry thought leader.

For example, a mortgage marketing agency might generate substantial leads for your business from email marketing, SEO, content marketing, and social media, to name a few methods. Also, you can trust they will have a firm understanding of evolving industry regulations to ensure your business executes compliant and legal marketing strategies.

Offer Responsive and Flexible Communications

Most first-time homebuyers are in their twenties and thirties, and you can trust they will expect fast response times from a mortgage company. The speed at which you engage with a prospective home buyer will determine how they perceive your business. For this reason, you must become more responsive and provide various ways to communicate with your target demographics.

For instance, you should encourage conversations via:

  • Telephone
  • Social media
  • Email
  • SMS messaging

It might be beneficial to invest in a dependable CRM with omnichannel marketing to quickly respond to your first-time borrowers at a fast rate.

Don’t underestimate the importance of an easy-to-use Contact Us form either, and attempt to promptly respond to any messages you receive. However, avoid template answers and always reply with a personalized email that provides answers to their questions. If you cannot reply within an hour, send a quick response to state you have received their email and will contact them as soon as possible.

Build Relationships with Referral Partners

Mortgage companies must develop strong, long-lasting relationships with various referral partners, such as realtors and real estate agents. By doing so, they could generate countless genuine, profitable leads throughout the years.

Make it your business’s mission to connect with as many referral partners as possible. For instance, your team could attend open houses, engage with agents via social media, go to local trade shows, or host virtual events.

The more referral partners you acquire, the more homebuyers you can lock in, and the bigger your mortgage company’s annual revenue will be each year.

Launch a Helpful Mortgage Company Blog

Your mortgage company website must do much more than promote the brand and its services. It should focus on providing home buyers with exceptional value, which can help them make smarter, more informed financial decisions.

If you haven’t already done so, add a blog to your website and fill it with free and informative resources your target demographics will benefit from during their journey. For example, you could provide first-time buyers with financial advice, property checklists, lending application details, open house guides, and more. As a result, they will be more likely to turn to your business when seeking a loan. The more helpful and interesting your content is, the more likely the company will stand out in a home buyer’s mind.

In addition to helping prospective house buyers, a regularly updated blog will keep your site fresh and drive more traffic to your blog. Also, users will likely share helpful, well-written content with their loved ones or social media followers, boosting your company’s reach.

Encourage Client Referrals

Enjoy a steady stream of new business by asking current clients to recommend your services to their loved ones. According to a 2020 study, 93% of consumers trust their friends and family members’ opinions when choosing a product or service. Also, it found that 83% of people are happy to make a referral following a positive experience with a company.

Encourage satisfied clients to recommend your business to their relatives, friends, and colleagues, as it could help your mortgage company generate a substantial sum each year while improving its brand reputation.

Embrace Online Reviews and Client Testimonials

Online reviews can make or break a business. As financial products are often driven by word-of-mouth, it would be foolish to overlook client reviews and testimonials when attempting to attract many homebuyers.

If you are confident a customer is satisfied with your loan product and customer experience, encourage them to write a review online, such as on Google Business or alternative review sites. The impartial feedback could help new homebuyers make an informed choice before applying for a mortgage. Also, publish genuine testimonials on your website to boost confidence in your business.

Of course, there might be times when a client publishes a negative review online. Yet, you can prove you run a caring, helpful business by apologizing to the customer and encouraging them to get in touch to resolve a problem. A polite, helpful response will improve confidence in your brand and minimize damage to its reputation.


Don’t wait for a house buyer to find your mortgage company. Take the time to develop and execute helpful, legal, and engaging marketing strategies to increase your business’s industry reputation, brand engagement, and annual revenue. So, hire an experienced mortgage marketing company to kickstart an effective campaign, respond to prospective clients swiftly, offer free and valuable content on your website, and encourage online reviews and client referrals to help your business grow from strength to strength.

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