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Must Have Appliances for a Comfortable Summer

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So many people love the summer. They can’t wait to leave the grey and cloudy days of the autumn and winter behind them. The rain pouring for days on end seems a distant and almost welcome memory when you’re halfway through the summer and see no end in sight to the sweltering heat.

But you can pick up a few fantastic appliances that will turn the summer heat into a great place. Keeping your home cool. The list below will give you some tips but for in-depth information, check out the appliance reviewer.


The obvious choice for cooling your space pretty quickly comes in the form of fans. A larger fan that has the ability to oscillate will be perfect. Where one the choice would have only been the large round-headed fans, you can now get great standing fans that blend better with their surroundings.

It is worth picking up smaller fans that can sit on table tops too. They are a cheap and convenient way to ensure that cool air is circulating all over your home. Of course, they do use a decent amount of electric when you have them all on for most of the day. Try to buy energy efficient ones. The great thing about these fans is they are easy to move around, and if you don’t have the budget for more than one you can usually move it from room to room as you move.

Ceiling fans are a great option too. Many homes have ceiling fans installed now, but if you don’t, it is worth thinking about. During the evening, when the temperature can often drop much lower, you can simply turn them off. They are ideal for the times you don’t need the AC but need a little more than a table top fan.

Air Con

Many people just can’t live without air-con. Most offices are kitted out with excellent systems, and now you can buy really good ones for your own home. Where once they were most popular in the US, they are now being purchased more often in Europe too. Most often you will need to get a professional to come and fit this unit for you, so make sure that you pick a place that you believe you will get the most benefit from it.

Ice Machine

If you don’t have a fridge or fridge-freezer that has an ice maker on the front of it, you might like to consider getting an ice machine. You can get great ones that are suitable for single person use, which means no matter what time of day you need that ice cold water, you’re sorted. The initial outlay for an ice maker might be a few hundred dollars/euros/pounds, but you’ll save year on year buying bags of ice at the grocery store.


With the heat comes humidity, and sometimes that is worse. Humidity is what causes you to sweat and start to feel sticky. A dehumidifier will suck in the air and remove the water from it, leaving you with fresh air that won’t give you that clammy, uncomfortable feeling.

Ice Cream Maker

Of course, not every appliance has to be boring. Ice cream is simply delicious in the summer heat, and it’s much better when you make your own. You will always have the flavor that you want and can make it any time you like. It is usually cheaper to buy ingredients and make ice cream than it is to buy it too. They are pretty easy to use, you can make more than just ice cream, and when the winter times rolls around, they can be store away very quickly.

Mini Fridge

If you live in an average sized home, then you can grab a mini fridge and store water for during the night when you are in bed rather than schlepping downstairs into the kitchen to get your cold drink. They come in a range of sizes, and you can store more than just water in there. For example, if you are partial to a cold fruit snack or ice coffee.

Keeping cool in the hot summer months takes a little bit of preparation, because of course, as soon as the heat cranks up, all of the appliances for keeping your home cool end up being sold out in a matter of days. Ever tried to get a BBQ on the day of a heatwave? It’s almost impossible. So plan ahead, and have your fans and ice cream maker stored and ready to go!

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