Sunday , 22 October 2017
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Leave a comment on our blog, play a game!

New CAPTCHA requires you to play a game!

Some exciting great benefits with this exciting new CAPTCHA technology!

Increase Conversions
PlayThru can increase form submissions by up to 40% versus standard CAPTCHAs like reCaptcha. Twisted text annoys people so much that they stop filling out your form. Make it easier with our short, simple games.

HTML5 and Flash
PlayThrus run in both HTML5 and Flash. The games automatically detect what the user’s browser supports and serves the appropriate game. Works on mobile as well.

Multiple redundant systems, including Amazon Web Services, to ensure out ability to scale to meet demand spikes.

Are You Human?

Try it now! Leave a comment!

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  1. Love that authentication is now a game!

  2. life is fun!

  3. Remember that kid that died from playing video games?

  4. Love playing games… I hope to see this more…

  5. I hate captcha. Bypass it with

  6. Can bots take over this though? There can’t be that many games out there.

  7. captcha breaker

    With this new captcha, verifying myself is not so bad.

  8. They should make angry birds one of the games.

  9. the games are actually pretty fun

  10. Gamers. Gamers everywhere.

  11. This should be the next thing; there are so many ways to bypass captchas

  12. dont make me play games!!!

  13. quit playing games with my heart

  14. Cool if they could do this plugin for wordpress

  15. This plugin now works on wordpress; try it by leaving a comment on our blog!

  16. Are we human? or are we dancers?

  17. This sucks because stupid people who can’t pass the game can’t leave comments

  18. Doesn’t work?

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