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How online fraudsters use genuine, stolen personal data that passes data check

One of the biggest challenges we are facing right now is online fraud, as it is so prevalent and no one is safe.

Online fraud is where criminals use unsolicited messages, emails or websites to get access to people’s information. Tactics being used by online fraudsters are so dangerous and keep on changing but their particular patterns to keep an eye.

With the rise of more people using their handsets for online shopping and banking, they become prone to cybercrime. It’s becoming trickier every day to protect all your available internet devices.

Phishing scams and Pharming scams are the most popular ways that fraudster use to steal information from people. Phishing scam urges the victim to enter vital personal information on a website or reply directly to the email. They use emails from reputable firms such as banks or social networks like Twitter or Facebook. Pharming is a bit complicated to detect as it doesn’t need a click. It automatically redirects visitors even after typing the correct website.

A fraudster can use your details to:

  • Open bank accounts
  • Order goods and services in your name
  • Control your existing accounts
  • Acquire documents such driving licenses and passport in your name
  • Access loans, state benefits, and credit cards
  • How can you combat online fraud?
  • Check your bank statements

How to protect your data

With the online banking, it has become easier for online fraudsters to get bank details. Bank alert when they detect suspicious activity but only you who knows how you have been spending your money. Regularly check you bank balance

Be alert when opening attachment

Be cautious when opening email attachments from an unknown sender. Most destructive viruses spread through attachments and when opened the fraudster can have all your details.

Use strong passwords

Secure password makes it difficult for hackers to access your details. Mix upper and lowers case with numbers when selecting your password

How identity fraud can affect you

Identity fraud can hit your finances hard; fraudsters could acquire credit card in your name or take money from your bank. Your credit score may be hurt by their action and affect your chances of accessing credit card in the future.

Identity theft could take an emotional toll on you; despite the fact that effects of fraud are reversible the process may take long than the actual fraud.

What to do if you happen to be a victim of identity fraud

Act quickly – the moment you suspect unusual activity on your account don’t panic but notify the bank immediately to avert more losses.

Report all stolen or lost documents- such as driving license, passport, cheque books or plastic cards to the relevant authority.

Report the matter to the appropriate organization if you suspect that you are a victim of identity fraud.


Online fraud has become rampant with the advance of technology, thus the need to protect your identity from getting into the hands of wrong people. Ensure you don’t give your personal details to over the phone or through the internet. Keep your personal documents preferably in a lockable drawer and always destroy unwanted documents before throwing them away

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