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Ooma phone service, phone service for free

The Ooma box offers a free VOIP solution freeing you from the monthly fees of other phone service providers. International calling for pennies.

The award-winning ooma system partners with your high-speed Internet and home phones to deliver:

– Free calling to any number in the US
– All the features you’ve come to depend on, like caller-ID, call-waiting, and voicemail
– The freedom to talk on your existing corded or cordless phones with no PC or headset required
– The reliability and crisp acoustic performance of a landline (hear ooma vs leading voip provider)
– A new number from any calling area in the US
– The option to keep your phone number for a one-time charge ($39.99). Click here to check availability.
– Easy setup to get you up and dialing in no time
– Voicemail notifications to your email and mobile phone
– The flexibility to hear your voicemail and control preferences online in the ooma Lounge
– Low-cost international rates starting at a penny per minute
– A 30-day money-back guarantee and an extendable one-year warranty
– A free trial of ooma Premier, our suite of enhanced calling features

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