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Top Result on Google, Bing, and Yahoo for Information Technology Blog, IT Blog, Technology Blog and Best IT Blog! Please see our 2020 pricing under “More Options” Advertise here, submit a blog article, or submit your Blog to our IT Blog Directory!  Ask about our other blogs in other niches! If you are new to link building or SEO, check out …

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htaccess for Search Engine Optimization

1287369 seo 272x125 - htaccess for Search Engine Optimization

1. Force Caching with htaccessUse: The following htaccess code won’t help the initial pageload, but it will significantly help subsequent pageloads by sending 304 status when requested elements haven’t been modified.FileETag MTime SizeExpiresAc…

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Disable Google Personalized Search

Are your results being skewed due to Google Personalized Search? You can turn off this feature by doing the following: 1. Search any keyword/term 2. Results will display. Click on Web History on the top right. 3. Lastly click on "Disable customiza…

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How to Improve Your Marketing Techniques in 2020

estrategia de marketing1 310x165 - How to Improve Your Marketing Techniques in 2020

Digital marketing has been a wonderful market to monitor and watch in the last ten years. With insights raining down from above in the form of data processing and analytics, and the parallel development of complex and exciting platforms for advertising, such as social media, content sharing, and search engine websites, there is a lot to learn for the marketer …

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Robo-Advisors fot Investing

roboadvisor 5bfc437046e0fb00511f385c1 310x165 - Robo-Advisors fot Investing

Millennials have often been the topic of conversation (and the butt of many jokes) for a couple of years now: we’re apparently all about avocado toast and eco-friendliness, but we don’t seem to like investing. Well, that last one may actually be true; a recent survey conducted by Ally Invest found that 66% of millennials are intimidated by the stock …

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2020 Local SEO Trends

local search 860x450 c1 310x165 - 2020 Local SEO Trends

The trends that revolve around the search engine optimization are ever-changing. There has been a lot of changes in the trends, just like the previous year, such as site diversity update, core update, maverick update, BERT update, and whatnot. Search engine optimization is a digital marketing strategy that businesses cannot overlook in the fast-growing business world. Even offline businesses have …

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4 Ways to Optimize Your Online Trading Using Technology

ThinkstockPhotos 6158115281 310x165 - 4 Ways to Optimize Your Online Trading Using Technology

Online trading, be that be stocks and shares or cryptocurrencies, can be a complicated way to invest. However, new technologies are being invented to aid ordinary people in their digital trading investments, regardless of whether they are looking to save money for their retirement or participate in a one-off project. Using technology can make trading easier, decoding the complex systems …

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Saving on Server Costs with Managed Migration and Deployment

serverroom 310x165 - Saving on Server Costs with Managed Migration and Deployment

Outgrowing a server can be an exciting moment for a business. It means you’ve grown enough to require more space and capability — and that’s worth celebrating! But we know that server migration and deployment can also be very stressful. There are plenty of horror stories out there that conjure images of lost files, angry customer calls, and expensive solutions. …

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The Role Of IT In Compliance

PCI Compliance 21 310x165 - The Role Of IT In Compliance

Owing to the benefit galore that it promises business, building your corporate culture around adherence to compliance is a necessity. A culture of compliance reduces the chances that your business will have to deal with non-compliance fines. It also protects you from most non-compliant risks, from the risk of data loss to the loss of compliance-conscious customers. While compliance officers …

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