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How Does Cloud Endpoint Security Works?

dreamstime m 40428252 310x165 - How Does Cloud Endpoint Security Works?

Although the larger companies would offer so much more if any cybercrime was to be aimed at them, this is unusually the case because as it states, they are large companies and businesses. This means they would have invested money, time and resources to make sure they are kept safe from these cybercrimes and cybercriminals. This also, implies that if …

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Why is digital marketing important for your business?

digitalmarketing 310x165 - Why is digital marketing important for your business?

The way in which we market products and services has certainly changed since the internet has become so popular. As people ditched reading the newspapers to flicking through pages using an iPad, it seems fair to say that there are effective ways to produce amazing results with digital marketing. This article takes a look over why is important for all …

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How to Compete with Industry Leaders

Two entrepreneurs competing in a business competition1 310x165 - How to Compete with Industry Leaders

Something that every small business struggles with no matter what industry they are in is competing with industry leaders. Consumers tend to gravitate towards these larger companies because they are much easier to discover — and they will often have a positive reputation — so people believe that they will have a good experience with the company. This can be …

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Software for Business: A Buyer’s Guide

call centre software1 310x165 - Software for Business: A Buyer's Guide

Whether you are the owner of a fledgling business who is looking to streamline its operations, or whether you are looking for a new software solution due to your business having outgrown its previous one, investing in software is not something to take lightly. Finding the right solution could mean the difference between failure and success, and with so many …

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What is big data analytics and it’s impact on your organization?  

Big Data

About eighty percent of the data in your enterprise is in a multi-structured format, and that means it’s not in a relational format and is hard to analyze.  Big data implies different analytics, different data structures, and diversity to the analytics that we need to deliver. Big data generates value from very large data sets that cannot be analyzed with traditional computing techniques.  Organized, it can help many …

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Top 20 Tech Websites & Blogs To Follow in 2020

Technology for Business1 310x165 - Top 20 Tech Websites & Blogs To Follow in 2020

Technological advancement is not new to anyone in this fastly growing ear as it is offering something new and useful every day to mankind. Innovations take place worldwide and it becomes important to stay aware of all the latest tech trends, news, reviews, launches, and so on. And how can we create tech awareness is simply by exploring various tech …

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Top Repricing Strategies for Maximum Amazon Sales

Amazon prime day 2017 700x5001 310x165 - Top Repricing Strategies for Maximum Amazon Sales

Some things last forever. Pricing on Amazon is not one of them. Once you’ve determined what to sell on Amazon, you’ll need to make sure you have a pricing strategy in place as well as a tested Amazon Repricing tool in order to stay competitive with your e-commerce business. What Is Amazon Repricing? Product pricing in the normal business world …

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Do Viral Articles Fit In With SEO?

LearningCultureHero1 310x165 - Do Viral Articles Fit In With SEO?

What makes a viral article so popular? What does it have that other articles don’t? Believe it or not, a viral article isn’t made up of components or information that’s unheard of. In fact, most viral articles are based on common topics or cover something trendy. But what makes them so popular is the way they have been structured and …

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5 Things You Need to Know About AI and Digital Marketing

AI 275x165 - 5 Things You Need to Know About AI and Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing businesses, digital marketing included. In fact, the two go hand in hand nowadays. It this competitive digital world, it has become increasingly difficult to reach new customers. However, AI can potentially transform your digital marketing strategy and boost your efforts. Businesses are quickly discovering the potential it holds for the future and they want to make …

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