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Free Helpdesk Software

Helpdesk Software

Asset Tracker Create multiple asset databases containing any information you wish to keep track of. Some examples: put all your IT infrastructure into the database, or if you are a building manager, put all your facilities equipment in the database. Can…

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Is your Website Ready for HTTP/2?

0d7d219f99c71f23a08bc26d2700b237 400x4001 310x165 - Is your Website Ready for HTTP/2?

The last HTTP protocol update was in 1997, and until now, there have not been any updates.  For the past almost 2 decades, HTTP has basically done the heaving lifting of bringing webpages to the end user’s browser; for instance, when you go to any website, you create an HTTP request to a webserver, asking it to deliver all elements …

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How to Quickly Create High Value Content

keyboard 3 482677 m 300x165 - How to Quickly Create High Value Content

Do you know how long it took me to write this blog post? Just under one hour. I wasn’t really counting seconds, but I looked at the watch before I started, and then after I finished. You can do that too, you know. It’s not really that hard, and I’ve come up with a couple of tips to help you …

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5 Ways to Win Brand Engagement and Loyalty Through Creative Content

meeting 1219540 960 7201 310x165 - 5 Ways to Win Brand Engagement and Loyalty Through Creative Content

Content marketing can do wonders for your brand by bridging the gap between target audience and the company through engagement. Even though it is a formidable weapon on its own, it alone does cannot capture the attention of your audience. To avoid falling behind in competition, you have to keep your audience engaged and at the same time develop trust …

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Multilingual Website Design Tips

connect the world 11706851 310x165 - Multilingual Website Design Tips

Despite only a small number of companies taking the approach to market their business internationally, an increasing number of businesses are slowly but surely launching multilingual websites. For almost all businesses in 2015, the Internet has been their digital storefront, and as such, it’s been important that visibility is available across all potential markets; including international territories.  For those marketing managers who perhaps …

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Maritime Information Technology: Must Have Apps for People at Sea.

sea apps 300x165 - Maritime Information Technology: Must Have Apps for People at Sea.

Mobile devices have become an integral part of seafarers’ lives, both at land and sea; after all they are always mobile.  Mobile apps are especially convenient for seafarers because they enable data sharing and storage, to help the interact with land and stay safe at sea. With the improvement of communications, Information Technology is evolving for seafarers. Here are 12 must …

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Why Audit Software Source Code?

995000 php code 300x165 - Why Audit Software Source Code?

A software source code audit is a comprehensive deep analysis of source code in a programming project and is an important part of security. It is done with the intent of finding bugs, security breaches, violations of programming conventions and anything else to reduce errors prior to software being released. It may also be done post release prior to releasing future …

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