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Jingle Bells played backwards

1287369 seo 272x125 - Jingle Bells played backwards

This is an SEO tactic experiment using an existing popular search term/video, "Backwards Jingle Bells" (a term that gets about 12k queries/mo.) and putting in my own "Jingle Bells Backwards" video to "leech" off that search. So here we go.Step 1 - A…

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SEO Myths

1287369 seo 272x125 - SEO Myths

Using Robots.txt is the safest way to keep a page/site from being crawled.Actually not. Even if you blocked a page through the “disallow” tag on robots.txt, Google might still crawl it following an external incoming link. The safest way to block out a…

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Speed up SATA Drives in Windows 7 or Vista

1334872  300x165 - Speed up SATA Drives in Windows 7 or Vista

Speed up SATA Drives in Vista. How? Enable Advanced Caching - In Device Manager, go to your SATA hard drive's properties, got to the policies tab, and Enable advanced performance. Find out more: http://www.ocmodshop.com/ocmodshop.aspx?a=1097

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10 GB tranmission through the air

A new millimeter-wave technology sends data at 10 gigabits per second developed by engineers at Batelle, a research and development firm from Columbus, OH. The technology operates on 60-100 Ghz. Read more on this amazing feat here: http://www.techno…

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