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Palo Alto Networks: Modern Day Network Security Innovation

Our research on the Palo Alto Networks firewall has found this to be a exciting innovation in networking technology for today’s IT industry.  Network security today is compromised by many new innovations in the market today including social networking, p2p technologies, and mobile apps and devices.  Palo Networks firewall addresses many modern day network issues and makes administration easy for IT staff by providing and easy to use, organized and intuitive user interface.  One of their key features is being able to detect encrypted traffic at faster speeds as well as to identify that traffic all the way down to the user it originated from.  Palo Alto networks platform is based on three unique technologies, App-ID™, User-ID, and Content-ID and allows organizations to safely enable Web 2.0, SaaS, and cloud-based applications while managing the inherent risks. Their unique policy management and enforcement capabilities are delivered at low latency and multi-gigabit performance using innovative Single Pass Parallel Processing (SP3) architecture.

Interview with Nir Zuk, the CTO of Palo Alto Networks about the Next Generation Firewall

Mark McLaughlin, chief executive officer of Palo Alto Networks Inc (previous CEO of Verisign!)

Palo Alto Networks Firewall Functionality

Read more about Palo Networks products at their website

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  1. good product, bad ipo

  2. Incredible points. I really like palo alto firewalls.

  3. they have a brilliant CTO

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