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Playing With A Cell Phone Radiation Detector

Do you remember how you used to pretend when you were a little kid? Maybe you played like you were a carpenter with his/her tools, or maybe you played like you were a doctor with a stethoscope or perhaps you played like you were a chef making a delicious recipe. It’s always fun to play with sophisticated tools, isn’t it?

Well, there’s a new way you can play and the tool is easily affordable but what you may discover is potentially much more important. Did you know that cell phones emit radiation? And did you know that that radiation is highly suspect of being very harmful to your health?[/box]

It’s true. Scientists have known for years that cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation and they’ve also known that those waves have an as-yet undetermined effect on our bodies. In fact, they are well aware that some researchers feel that cell phone radiation can cause brain tumors.

There is really no way you would know how much radiation your cell phone emits other than the SAR sticker that all cell phones sold in the US or Canada must have in order to legally be sold. SAR stands for “Specific Absorption Rate”. It’s a number that quantifies the amount of radiation your body will be exposed to from that particular device. The federal government says that any rating lower than 1.6 is safe. If you were to test each of the hundreds of cell phones on the market today you would find that each one has a slightly different SAR factor because some emit less radiation than others.  i.e. some are safer in that regard than others. Want to know how to do that test for yourself?

You’ll need something called a cell phone radiation detector. You can buy them online at Amazon and similar sites. They’re not cheap but they effectively measure radiation from not just cell phones but also digital tablets, laptops and any other similar device. You can actually make your own safety check of your cell phone or that of somebody else. If you have a family you’ll probably want to check all the digital devices in your home.

It actually detects 3 different kinds of electromagnetic frequencies, i.e. electric fields, magnetic fields, and radio waves. But if you’re only concerned with your cell phone there is an alternative way to guarantee your safety and that is by using a product called Aires Defender which is made by a Canadian company called Aires Technologies.

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The Aires Defender is a multilayer, high-tech film which encases a sophisticated microprocessor that actually neutralizes and dissipates the harmful radiation coming from your phone. It makes it safe. The product is affordable and available online. It’s your choice of course whether or not how you want to protect yourself.

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