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POS Appointment Software

Why EPOS Systems are Good for Businesses that Require Appointments – EPOS Systems can be used for a variety of different types of businesses and each type of business requires a slightly different type of EPOS with slightly altered and tailored software.

This article aims to outline why an EPOS system is particularly beneficial and suitable for a business requiring appointments.

diary page 12405011 150x150 - POS Appointment SoftwareAppointments Booking System

A key part of a business to get right is the appointments. With an EPOS System, there is a bookings module which automates the management of bookings with a stylist or particular function rooms. Some systems also have a Walk-In-Customer Waiting list which can also be managed.

Staff Timekeeping and Commissions

Some EPOS packages come with a Clocking In and Clocking Out feature which automatically records and produces reports for wages calculation. Another useful, bonus feature of EPOS Systems is that you can specify commission percentages or amounts for particular products as well as create staff commissions reports.

Barcode Scanning

barcode 14878261 150x150 - POS Appointment SoftwareAn EPOS System’s barcode scanning feature is fantastic for improving efficiency as well as customer service. This is so much quicker as the user is not required to find, read, key-enter and check the price of items at the checkout point. Instead, scan the barcode of the item and the description and price will be added to the transaction. Not only is this faster for the business, but also for the customer as well as the receipts being itemised and there being less pricing and keying mistakes. Up to date reports on sales and stock will also constantly and instantly be updated.

Stock Control

The Stock Control feature of an EPOS System means that one can track sales with precision. It is easy to judge when stock needs refilling and ordered which is good for monitoring slow moving items and those which sell the best. This sort of stock control is good for identifying losses and theft of stock also. For businesses with multiple branches, stock locations etc, the EPOS stock controls lets you check exactly where the items are.

paid invoice 14137501 150x150 - POS Appointment SoftwareReceipt & Invoice Printing

Some EPOS Systems allow for the user to print our a mini receipt, an A4 size invoice or both sizes which gives flexibility depending on the type of transaction such as a low value cash sale would usually require a mini receipt.

Sales Analysis

Sales analysis is one of the biggest benefits of any business using an EPOS System. Financial reports are easily produced which can show your daily, weekly or monthly takings. Along with this, product related reports are also easily available as well as staff-related reports which show the sales performance of each member of staff.

Customer Database & CRM Features

This feature is possibly one of the most useful for a business requiring appointments. The customer database allows for all client and customer contact details which also maintain a transaction history and can exercise a customer-specific price and discount system. The CRM features are great for creating notes and setting reminders for sales and other customer service activities.


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