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In the pre-mobile phone days, most things were done manually. Cameras had to be reloaded with film, payments were always made by credit card, visiting a website had to be done on a computer, text messaging was done in numerical code on pagers, there was no facebook or social media, and you didn’t know what your friends were doing all the time.

Same thing goes with postcards as souvenirs, you had to buy them at the souvenir shop, and the postcard picture you sent, was not always the exact image you saw or took on your camera.

Times have changed, and today, you can almost do anything in an app. Mobile phones are now a computer in your pocket, and apps of all varieties exist to solve every modern day dilemma you can think of.

In the age of email, social media, instagram, facebook, etc., postcards and letters are almost a remnant of the past. Greeting cards, and sometimes postcards are still commonly sent out, nostalgic for many, and still nice to receive, but the reality is, technology is taking over. So why not combine the two. Why not send a postcard with a picture you actually took?

With modern technology now you can. allows you to take and use your own photos to easily create and send customized printed photo postcards and greeting cards.
MyPostcardApp - Postcard App

It’s as easy as snapping a picture, writing out a personal note, and sending instantly anywhere in the world from a website or directly from your phone with their app.  For only $2.29, it sounds like a great deal.

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