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Programming Language Shootout

So you want to learn programming, but don’t know which one to learn. There are so many out there! To help you find your first programming language to learn, here is some information that might help you find your right path and interest.

What is Programming?

– The action or process of writing computer programs.
– Writing very specific instructions to a very dumb, yet obedient machine
– The closest thing we have to having superpowers

Check out this awesome video about programming:

Languages aka Superpowers

Python, Java, C, PHP, C++, Javascript, C#, Ruby, Objective C
To start learning a super power, go to code.org.

Programming Language Shootout

whatisprogramming1 - Programming Language Shootout

What Programming Languages are Easy to Learn and Make A Lot of Money?

The programmers of tomorrow are the wizards of the future.  Whether you want to make a log of money or want to change the world, computer programming is a very empowering skill to learn.

whatisprogramming2 - Programming Language Shootout

Easiest Programming Languages to Learn
The Benefits Of Learning How To Code

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