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Purchase Orders Make Shopping Convenient

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When you own a home health care agency or are responsible for the inventory of a hospital, you need all of the convenience and help you can get with keeping everything in order.

The need for durable medical supplies in these industries is imperative to the operation, no pun intended, of the business. Working in an office, if you forger to stock the post-its, no biggie. If you lose track of the essential supplies for patients who desperately need them right away, it could be a disaster.

To help you keep track of your purchase history and organize the orders you need to place, you can take advantage of purchase orders.

What is a Purchase Order?

Purchase orders can be used when a buyer wants to purchase supplies or their business’ inventory on a particular account. The supplier can deliver the ordered items even before a payment is made, the purchase order serves as risk protection. They supply legal protection for your company, and play a significant role in both inventory management and payment tracking. They also orders help the supplier compare orders with what has already been shipped for better accuracy.

How to Prepare One

Usually, the buyer is the one to prepare the purchase order. It includes a PO (purchase order) number that is associated with that particular order, the date they need it shipped by, the billing address, the shipping address, the product request and quantity, the agreed upon price, and all other critical information needed to complete the order and then its sent to your supplier. Once you inventory or service is delivered you should then log the information into your system and marked the transaction as processed. The final step is, if the supplier has met your expectations, you pay the supplier to complete the purchase order process.

Picking a Supplier

Don’t already have a supplier picked out? Do your research on suppliers you may have heard of and read some reviews to make sure they  can offer you the business you are looking for. You can shop around to different suppliers you may be interested in working with and see if they have a purchase order system in place. You want to make sure they will not only accepted payment and orders via purchase orders, but that they offer quality products as well.

A medical supply store, with a brick and mortar location as well as an online store, that has put into place a simple purchase order system, is AvaCare Medical. They offer a variety of high quality durable medical supplies and can also offer buying guides to help you order the best products for your patients’ needs. AvaCare makes the process easy, they offer a helpful guide to create your account with them on their website.

To apply follow the following directions:

Creating an Account

To initiate a Purchase Order, follow these directions to create a corporate account with AvaCare Medical.

  • Download the appropriate credit application below
  • Send the completed form to[email protected]
  • If your application is approved, we will respond within 1 business day with a link to create your account
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