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Questions to ask before hiring Las Vegas marketing companies

Las Vegas is a city known for its Casino business. There are lots of casino in Las Vegas that needs to market live shows, conventions, sporting events, concerts, etc… in order to improve their business in Las Vegas. The solution to bringing this listed above forward to people in Vegas and every other part of the neighboring city is introducing and entrusting your business to a marketing company in Las Vegas.

Marketing is a vast and, sometimes confusing, space, filled with specialties, generalists, strategists, and agencies.

Many times, most Casinos don’t know what to look for when they’re looking for marketing help or even where to start.

Do you need insight and a plan for customer acquisition (SEO, PPC, affiliate programs), do you need help with conversion optimization (branding, user experience, messaging enhancement), or do you need a strategy for keeping the customers you already have (retention and loyalty programs)?

The following listed below are the top question to ask before hiing Las Vegas marketing companies in order to improve casino businesses:

What is your experience and do you have any specialties?

Some marketing agencies in Las Vegas specialize on specific types of projects. An agency that focuses primarily on packaging might not be the best for a Casino project in Las vegas and a marketing company that deals mostly on business cards certainly shouldn’t be setting up an integrated eCommerce build for your organization. Make sure that an agency you choose is aligned with the end product you are looking for.

Do you have any experience within my industry?

Working with a marketing and design agency that has worked in your field can give them a head start on your project. Less research is needed, partnerships may have already been established, and they can hit the ground running. That said, experience within your industry(casino) may or may not matter. Unless your service requires a very intimate understanding of the industry you operate in, a fresh set of eyes outside of the norm can be a good way to refresh your marketing and reengage customers.

Do you have relationships with any competitors I should know about?

If you are a Casino that is looking for marketing assistance, it is probably a good thing to choose an agency that works with other Casinos. If you are a public relations firm, it might not be a great idea to work with your top local competitor’s agency. Ask your agency if they have any relationships established that might impact your working relationship.

Who will I be working with directly on my project?

There are various models in place from agency to agency in Las Vegas. Some have an art director or programmer work with you directly on your project. Some have a dedicated project manager that serves as a middleman between you as the client and their internal team. Some are entirely automated and you just fill out a form online to get things accomplished. All have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages, but finding out on the front end will help you analyze if it is a structure that will work for you.

How do you communicate with clients?

Most marketing agencies in Las Vegas will work around your communication preferences, but with website links, logo proofs, and other digital assets going back and forth, email will likely be one of the primary channels between you and your agency. Ask how often you will receive updates, when you will receive them, and contact information in case you have an emergency that requires immediate attention.

How much will my project cost and what are the other billing details that will impact me?

When speaking with a marketing agency, find out the full costs of the project. What are the costs for third party expenses (stock photography, website hosting, printing, etc.)? What happens if my project goes over budget? What do I need to pay to start and when are the rest of the project costs due? Once you have all the numbers, weigh them against all the options available to you and decide which one is the most valuable (quality of work, cost, timelines, etc.).

How long has your marketing agency been in operation?

Experience can’t be taught, and working with an established marketing agency allows you to reap the rewards of years of graphic design, programming, search engine optimization and other departmental work. Every company was new at some point, so it is up to you to weigh the benefits of an accomplished marketing company versus those of an up and comer. Just be sure that you select someone you are confident in.
What are your expectations for me as a client?

Whether you are a business owner in Las Vegas looking for a website design or marketing campaign development, partnering with the right marketing companies in Las Vegas will elevate your company to the next level by boosting revenues. Working with skilled graphic designers, knowledgable developers and programmers, and marketing professionals allow them to leverage their experience while you focus on what you are best at, which is running your business.

If there is anyone that knows your brand, the industry, and your customers, it should be you. Ask what the marketing agency expects from you. Should my company make ourselves available at certain times of the day or week for agency questions? Are there examples and color schemes I enjoy that might help you? How quickly do I need to respond to you to maintain our timeline?

Make yourself available so that your marketing agency can leverage your experience. The above questions will give most Casino business in Las Vegas a very good impression of whether a marketer is the right fit.

The questions work even better when you vet several of the most respected and well-known marketing companies Las Vegas has to offer with the same questions and compare the results. Most likely, one or two will rise above the rest when you look at the responses in their totality.

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