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Quick Surveys Get Better Results

Who has time for a 20 minute survey?  Unless you are paying participants big bucks, you might not get as many participants as you would hope for. Looking for higher response rates and detailed reporting? This application may be for you.

Customer Thermometer gives you the power to ask what you want, when you want, and get an instant answer. You can act immediately — fix problems as they arise and identify and reward great service.


Studies show that participants were more likely to answer a 4 question survey vs a long 20 minute survey, especially without incentive. Like a Youtube video, customer engagement is difficult to maintain after a few minutes; same with  customer surveys.  Long surveys may even lose you customers.

Response Rates

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Put that question in their face, and enable to answer it anytime, anywhere, on any device.

In this review driven world, customers provide feedback in many forms; reviews, word of mouth, directly to the business or manufacturer, etc., and most customers are actually happy to provide feedback.  To retain your customers, you need to address their issues right away, but how do you know of any issues if you don’t ask?

Sometimes, how you ask for that feedback will determine how much feedback you will get.  When providing surveys, you should be able to provide a means to answer your survey on any platform.  Most of the time, convenience in answering your questions is what gets you answers.

Features and Setup

Setup is as easy as creating a template and sending through the system’s integrating campaign manager.  You can also send through 3rd party apps or embed and integrate into a CRM or helpdesk service.  You can even embed survey questions in your email footer.

While the output looks very simple, the options available are feature rich.

Create Short Customer Surveys

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