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Ridlr, India’s Commuting App – Commuting woes begone

Over one-fifth of India’s urban population commutes to work on foot, while the rest do the same by means of motorcycles, or buses. Other than that, fewer than three percent take cars or vans, and over half of the commuters travel less than five kilometers. Nearly one-third of the workers in India do not commute. This means that they live in or are adjacent to their workplaces. Commuting for work is even less common among women workers and higher in rural than in urban areas.

Hence, to guide all these commuters in their daily activities is to ensure that they reach their destination on time, Ridlr is here.

Appearance and Layout

Ridlr’s design is clean, straightforward, and user-friendly. The public- transit app is perfect for anyone who commutes to work or anywhere else using public transportation.

The appearance and layout of Ridlr is simple yet suave, with easy to read text, icons, and aesthetically appealing colors. The time tables are easy to maneuver through and find routes.  Ridlr’s look has been kept simple yet modern and has done a great job with making a very useful and user-friendly Android app for India.


Are these your daily commuting hassles?

  • Getting stuck in a crowded bus, expensive auto rides , or the unreliable taxi.
  • Driving alone in traffic and losing out on all the fun
  • Standing in long cues to book bus tickets or recharge your metro card
  • Missing out your bus or train because of not being aware of the updated train and bus timings

Ridlr, is the answer to all your travel woes and serves you with a wealth of transit-related information, if you have location-based services enabled on your mobile device.

  • Ridlr gives live directions with guided step-by-step info in real time:Now we know exactly where we are walking to, for how long, the amount of time we have to wait for, and the number of stops left. This makes it easier for us to focus on anything that we want while commuting.
  • Ridlr gives you real time data– Ridlr gives you information about bus tracker, live bus and train times available directly India’s Transportation Authority. We can now save details of any bus stop or train station, subway /metro/ train or bus routes and schedules on Ridlr and receive automatic alerts about the commute options
  • Easy Recharge and e-ticketing: Now you do not have to wait in log cues to recharge your metro card or carry a lot of change to buy your bus passes. Everything is at your fingertips with Ridlr.
  • Smart commute – Get daily updates about your commute including live bus times and train times, your live arrival time and disruption, delay, or strike alerts with other alternative routes.

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