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Rovio Robot; watch your house from anywhere in the world!

Watch your house from anywhere in the world with this roaming robot!

In these uncertain and risky times, the peace of mind that comes from being able to check on your home, loved ones or pets can be an invaluable commodity when you are away at work or on a business or holiday trip. Rovio can be your faithful watchdog, alerting you to danger without you having to risk life or limb by investigating that strange noise downstairs yourself; or allow you to make sure the house is secure from a remote location if you go home to find a door or window open that you know you left closed. Rovio can also help you find out what the dog or cat is doing to your furniture when you leave for work or check in and talk with the kids to make sure their homework is being done or just to get that warm feeling of knowing that they are ok. Also, check with your accountant as Rovio may be deductible as a home improvement expense.

Source: Robotsrule.com

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