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Send Large Files Free

Does your email server or company not allow sending of large files? Try some of these cloud services for free!

editcopy - Send Large Files FreeFilemail

$0 for 30GB max
Unlimited downloads
Delivery tracking
BitTorrent and FTP downloads

Send through filemail

Hightail (previously YouSendIt)

$0 for 250MB per Space
Create unlimited visual project folders (called a Space) with a 250MB limit on the total file size uploaded to each Space.

For You
– Person-to-person large file transfer
– Send files to recipients in real-time
– Receive files into a personal Dropbox

For Your Company
– Simplest file sharing for end users
– Easiest to manage for IT
– More peace of mind with file tracking

Send through Hightail


$0 for 8GB max
Share files up to 4GB with dropsend, 5 sends/month on free account

Send through dropsend


$0 for 5GB max
Share files up to 5GB with file dropper free account

Send through Filedropper


$0 for 5GB max
Share files up to 5GB with file pCloud free account

Send through pCloud

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