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Share your favorite bookmarks

The Internet is full of useful websites and information, but how do you remember all of the ones you’ve visited?  How do you keep them organized or share them with friends?  While there are many bookmark managers out there, like Google bookmarks, or your favorites store in your personal browser, the ability and function to share bookmarks is a little bit clunky.

Here is one bookmark manager that can help organize your bookmarks, still make it exportable for other applications, and can manage contacts, notes, rss feeds and more while being accessible to any Internet enabled device.


Bookmax is a more robust way to store and organize your online bookmarks.  Bookmarks are stored in hierarchical folders and can be accessed through different views, with the option to favorite specified bookmarks and make them more easily accessible.

Bookmarks can be easily organized, sorted, and are automatically grouped by most recently added, last added, and most used.

A public hierarchy allows you to share any or all your bookmarks with the world.

Functionality is user friendly, with functions to select multiple bookmarks with click and drag, or shift-click, like in your operating system.

A free account can create 100 folders and 1000 bookmarks.

Advanced Features

Import/Export: The best part about it is, bookmarks can be imported and exported to standard bookmark or excel file, which is compatible for import to any other bookmark/favorites manager, like the one built into your browser.   You can also save online lists, memos, contacts, notes, newsfeeds and more.

Find Duplicates: It’s easy to mistakenly add a bookmark twice or more.  A find duplicates function allows you to clean up any redundant bookmarks that are mistakenly added.

Premium Members
Premium members have added functionality like advanced search functions and unlimited bookmarks.  The Get Favicon or Thumbnail (Premium only) link helps you, if you have imported your bookmarks from a standard bookmarks file and the favicons/thumbnails are missing.


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