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Sonic Soak: The Ultimate Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool

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“The best system to clean up practically anything”. The Company defines this new invention, a device the size of a mobile phone that puts the ultrasound technology, so far used primarily in medical and industrial applications, at the service of cleaning clothes, baby accessories, jewelry, Personal hygiene products or fruits and vegetables, among others.

In addition to being multipurpose, Sonic Soak is lethal. In simple words, it is an ultrasonic system that even removes pesticides from fruit.

The latest evolution for washing that uses ultrasound technology to achieve a deeper cleaning, in addition to saving time, water and energy”, explain the company. With the help of crowdfunding campaign, the company aims to put in circulation this third generation of the invention.

But how does it work and what does it really contribute?

Therefore, the promoters recommend its use to clean “virtually anything”. One possibility would be fruit and vegetables for consumption. It is estimated that a manual wash of food only ends 80% of the dirt and the residues of pesticides and chemicals. The formula and, with it, the possibilities to use Sonic Soak, are replicated in personal cleaning products, which are among the main sources of infection; Baby accessories, kitchen utensils, as well as glasses, keys or jewelry.

Another potential use of this invention, according to its creators, would be the cleaning of clothes in a much more efficient way than the washing machine. Sonic Soak, they defend, is more sustainable than these appliances, which, by washing, consume at least 40 liters of water, and about 11% of the energy consumption of a home. On the other hand, Sonic Soak uses only 10% of the energy and 2% of the water as compared to the conventional washing machine.

“Can your washing machine clean apples? We doubt it. Creator of Sonic Soak has worked on this product for the past two years. The idea arose, simply, because the creators are regular travelers who, for this reason, often find it difficult to wash their clothes.

Using Sonic Soak

  • Fill your sink or bowl with water.
  • Plug in the wall unit.
  • Put your dirty items and Sonic Soak in the water.
  • Set the timer, press start, and watch the magic!

Advantages of Sonic Soak

Because of their efficiency, ultrasound technology, their size and their ease of use, it’s easy to clean with Sonic Soak. Just fill a container with water, add soap, connect the system and let it act. It wouldn’t be wrong to say Sonic Soak is indeed an “ultimate tool for cleaning”. Some also call it “world’s smallest laundry machine”.

  • 9% Clean
  • Portable
  • Ultra Gentle
  • Absolutely Quiet
  • Durable
  • Eco-Friendly

Find Sonic Soak Here

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