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Speed up opening Adobe Acrobat

Tired of waiting for Adobe Acrobat to load? Speed it up with Adobe Reader SpeedUp.

A lot of people use Adobe Reader nowadays because it pretty much sets the standards when it comes to opening Portable Document Format (PDF) files. In case you find Adobe’s software to be slower in operation, a tiny utility can help you make it run a bit faster, both when loading and when running.

Called Adobe Reader SpeedUp, this lightweight application has no installation kit, so you can simply start it by double-clicking the executable.

When running it for the first time you will find that the interface is quite user friendly, even though not very appealing. Adobe Reader SpeedUp contains detailed information about each operation you can carry out and thus appeals even to less experienced users.

The software performs a series of tweaks that involve, among other things, disabling some unneeded plugins. Adobe Reader SpeedUp can also deactivate the start-up splash screen, automatic update or clear the list of recently opened files for faster loading.

As soon as all these optimizations are performed, you will notice that it takes quite a less time for Adobe Reader to load and to render the PDF files.

A neat trick up Adobe Reader SpeedUp’s sleeve is its ability to reinstate the settings it modifies. Thus, you can easily choose the ‘Restore Original Configuration’ option and everything in Adobe Reader will revert to the original state.

All in all, if you use Adobe Reader as the default program for handling PDF documents and notice it performs under your expectations, this nifty tool could be pretty useful. If you are not satisfied by the performance enhancements it comes with, simply restore the factory settings.

Speed Up Adobe

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  1. Thanks for the post. Does anyone know how to allow Adobe Reader to run without having it run in startup? When I disable in MSConfig it doesn’t run.

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