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Spyzie: All-In-One Mobile Phone Monitoring App and Tracking Solution

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Spyzie is an All-In-One Mobile Phone Monitoring App and tracking solution for iPhone and Android, which allows you to monitor a mobile phone, verifying calls and messages, browsing history, location, photos and other information.

Within a last few years, the smart surveillance sector has grown and is growing enormously, and many manufacturers have launched connected cameras of every type and variant on the market.

Now is the time to take a slight step forward: protecting our children from some undesirable facets of the web is certainly the goal of every parent, but also the most difficult to reach. Here Spyzie meets these users by offering software that offers the ability to monitor a second mobile phone in virtually every part of it: from photos, internet history, messages up to location or call history simply from your smartphone, PC or tablet.

What is and how Spyzie works

Spyzie is a reliable monitoring solution that can help keep your children in check, protect them from pornography, online predators, and other threats.

It is important to make an observation: the app must be managed by your account together with an external monitoring app to be installed on the target device. It is used for parental control for mobile phones and tablets and ONLY AND ONLY FOR ETHICAL AND LEGAL USE. Therefore, before installing the application, it is necessary to obtain the authorization from the owner in all cases.

The reason you use this software is quite obvious: check your children / kids and your company’s employees.

One of Spyzie’s strengths is certainly its simplicity, since just three simple steps are enough to start monitoring a cell phone.

First you need to create a Spyzie account by entering an e-mail address, setting a unique password, and you’re done.

In the second step you will be asked to add a device to monitor, to do so you will need to enter the name, age and operating system of the device of the child.

The third and last step is slightly longer and requires the APK to install the app on the device to be monitored. Once done, the app will ask you to access various functions of the phone to have, of course, the permissions to perform constant monitoring.

Monitoring Interface

The interface is rather simple and here you are briefly given some information on the device such as the model, the battery level, if it is under a Wi-Fi network or if geolocation via GPS is enabled or not; further down you will find the true focus of this software, or the “phone activities”, where you can access photos, the location in real time and all the other features that this app has to offer.

spyzie3 - Spyzie: All-In-One Mobile Phone Monitoring App and Tracking Solution

So what are the features this software has to offer?

We’ll tell you in short: Spyzie provides the ability to access the location of the device, to view all messages sent and received, to track all incoming and outgoing phone calls, and much more.

It allows you to get the entire list of contacts on an Android device, to monitor the web history, to control the activities of the app, to access events, notes and calendars, and to view photos and videos, even those contained within third-party apps.

In short, you can access almost any content on the monitored mobile at any time. But all this has a cost.

Spyzie, how much does it cost?

To take advantage of all these advanced features you need a Premium subscription.

Do not miss the opportunity to try the app for free, but this has heavy restrictions, being able to access only the dashboard without having the ability to view the contents of the smartphone monitored.

In order to unlock its full potential, there are various subscriptions available on the Android cost of 39.99 dollars for a month, 49.99 dollars for three months and 99.99 dollars for a year.

On Apple devices the cost is instead of 29.99 dollars per month.

spyzie4 - Spyzie: All-In-One Mobile Phone Monitoring App and Tracking Solution

Spyzie Features:

There are many features that Spyzie offers to customers. Simply activate one of the monthly, quarterly or yearly packages to start tracking data on any Android and iOS device. Here are the main features of this powerful program:

  • Trace Voice Calls
  • Check the Text Messages
  • Browse the telephone contacts
  • Check the Browsing History
  • Manage Photos and Videos
  • Check the GPS coordinates
  • Check Installed Applications
  • See Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram
  • Reading reminders and notes


  • Android and iOS apps
  • Easy to install
  • It does not need jailbreak and root


  • Only monthly rate for iOS
  • No free version

Spyzie system requirements

Spyzie is compatible with the main Microsoft operating systems, from the most dated to the most recent versions. Here they are shown in detail:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

Final Thoughts

Spyzie is indeed a reasonable monitoring app for you to spy on the activities of any smartphone.

Get Spyzie now and start tracking your kids or loved ones today.

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