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Strategies To Push Up Your Conversion With Explainer Videos

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Videos have the potential to boost conversions by creating a space for visual engagement. In fact, animated video production has helped numerous brands in reaping great benefits across a number of platforms.

Their placement on landing pages, social channels and even app stores have caused a big bang of sales, better online visibility and also more app downloads.

But videos can boost conversion rates effectively only when they are optimized with best practices.

Here are some strategies that can help you in increasing your conversions with explainer videos:

Pick the right style

When using your video to explain your product/service, it makes sense to incorporate a style that resonates with your theme. Picking the right style is extremely important as it helps you avoid a visual hiccup. For instance, a healthcare video that demonstrates

Explainer videos can be: animated, live action, whiteboard etc. When you are creating an explainer video, the content of that video should resonate with the mood of the idea you are showcasing to the audience.

One good way in which you can pick the right style is through the use of storyboards. Drawing out storyboards doesn’t just help in effective storytelling, it can even help you pick the right style as it helps you visualize the mood on paper.

Key takeaway:

Utilize the right style for your explainer video. Pick one that emotes your message in the most appropriate manner.

Don’t rush, don’t drag. Time them right

The length of your explainer video is essential to the success of your strategy because length determines the value of engagement and engagement is a crucial factor in conversion.

For most explainer videos, 15-30 seconds is the sweet spot, so long as the message is delivered within that time.

The key is to hook your audience within the first few seconds of your video. With the attention spans down to 8 seconds, there is a greater need to engage quickly.

For explainer videos that are longer than 60 seconds, it is  best to deliver the core message within the first 15 seconds to ensure that the viewer leaves with the takeaway.

Key takeaway:

Try to keep your explainer videos short and crisp. Use such videos to offer a visual solution to a pain point.

Give them more than one platform

Whatever be your marketing goal, using different channels to reach your audience with your video can be extremely useful.

Videos in email can boost click through rates by 200-300%. For users that don’t come across your explainer video on landing page, putting the video in your emails can be beneficial in improving the visibility for the video and supporting the goal for which the video was created.

Similarly, when explainer videos are put on social platforms, they get a wider audience which can increase conversions significantly.  But do remember to optimize your video for the channel you are putting it on.

Key takeaway:

To trigger conversions through app downloads, place your explainer video in the app store. To boost conversions by making your video more visible, put it out on social platforms.

Ensure that your video has the same goal as the platform on which it is used

When you place your explainer video on the landing page, it is essential to ensure that it blends in. And it should blend both in terms of content and design.

If the objective of your landing page is to inform audience about your app, your explainer video should focus on delivering that information. If your landing page is aimed at explaining your business, the video should do the same.

When putting explainer videos on social platforms, find the right point of placement. On Facebook, your video can make a compelling cover image for your page. It can even be used for social advertising depending on the video content.

Key Takeaway:

Ensure that the point of placement of your explainer video is optimal in terms of design and message intent.

Put your explainer video through a test

Passing your video through an A/B test can help you understand if it is helping you achieve your goals or not.

Begin by isolating the video metric that is most relevant to you. By keeping a uniform test metric, you can get credible results. For instance, publishing two different videos at the same time on the same day eliminates the possibility of error because other factors are kept constant. If the other factors are also varied, time and day discrepancies could creep into this scenario.

Key Takeaway:

Use A/B testing to gauge your audience’s reaction to the video to understand what resonates more with them and what doesn’t.


Explainer videos, with their effectively storytelling, can be employed at different stages of the marketing funnel to push the consumer from awareness to evaluation and finally the purchase stage. The ability of these videos to translate potential users into actual customers is largely dependent on content, design, quality and length. By optimizing these factors, you can push up your conversion rates.

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