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Submit your URL to Baidu – 提交网站到百度

Getting listed on Baidu’s Search Engine is great if you’re looking for visibility in China.  That’s a billion people of extra visibility!

Here are some tips for getting on Baidu:

  • Don’t talk about s(e)x or you’ll be out
  • Don’t attack the Chinese government
    Baidu actively censors content in line with Chinese government regulations, so be very careful with what you put on your site.
  • Use Chinese in your website (but don’t mix several languages on the same page – that’s a general statement, not only for chinese)
  • Use a .cn / / or domain name. Baidu loves China and shows it in its search engine response pages rankings.
  • Host your website in China. Baidu prefers Chinese IP’s.
    With Google, you can host your site anywhere and then set each subdomain’s location using the Geotargeting tool to specify which region it’s relevant to. Baidu doesn’t appear to offer the same, so your best bet is to buy a Chinese top level domain and host it on a server in China.
  • Have many links. Baidu prefers quantity over quality.
  • Don’t try to have a pagerank 6 or above links like you would do for google. Just have thousands of backlinks.
  • Add fresh content; like Google, Baidu likes fresh content.
  • Don’t use ISO-8885-1 coding in your pages but UTF-8 or GB2312 (well, UTF-8 is better because it suits any language around the globe)
  • By ads on baidu!

Submit your URL to Baidu, China’s #1 Search Engine
Submit your URL to Baidu

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  1. Baidu stock is down!

  2. bidu has search coming on mobile, will be more powerful

  3. Qihoo is eating up Bidu’s lunch!

  4. Bidu search is wonderful! #1 search engine in China!

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