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Technology in Schools Essay: to Help or to Hurt?

If you are going to write an essay about how new technologies make an impact in schools, but you are distracted where to start and what to write, read our article and follow some simple and useful tips.

Needless to say that new technologies develop and improve with an each new day. Modern technologies never stay on one place, every day new gadgets and software appear to simplify our life and to give people new possibilities. And what about technologies in studying process? Let’s define how schools use different types of new devices and what positive and negative moments they get from it.

When you are writing an assay about new technologies in schools, first of all you have to define which devices are used in school and then to discuss what help or harm they bring to the students.

You can make a list of devices that can be used in school by teachers or students:

  • laptops and computers;
  • projectors with boards;
  • calculators;
  • e-books;
  • cell phones and tablets.

Then, you should think what help and harm students in school can get with using this or that device.

Laptops and computers

These devices are really helpful for students in many ways. Thanks to them, students can create their papers, prepare presentations, reports, etc. They can find all the needed information on the internet, so no need to go to the library and search books there. The bad part of computers and laptops is their hard drive could crash, and students can lose all information. Another negative side is when students work on computers, they could distract getting on social networks and end up not finishing their school task on time.

Projectors with boards

These are great devices to visualize information for students and help them to remember much better everything that teacher said. With projectors, students can make their own presentations and reports that is also very important for studying.


These devices are extremely useful for students. Instead of carrying a lot of paper books, they can have access to all the needed books, whether they are in school or at home. E-books also can save students money, because to buy an e-book is cheaper than buying tons of paper books you can upload there.

Cell phones and tablets

These devices doesn’t bring a lot of help for the learning process. Usually, people only can get distracted on lessons when using cell phones to talk to others or to play games. Of course cell phones are necessary for emergencies, like when something bad happens at school. Though in general, cell phones make more harm than help.


These devices should be banned in school, because they couldn’t bring any help. Students are getting lazy to count when they use calculators, so they fail their tests eventually because they have no idea how to count without using calculators.

Essay structure

Before writing, you should make an outline of your future work, that will help you to write the essay logically. Without an outline, you may jump from the one thing to another, so the whole work won’t seem solid and smooth. Here is an example of how your outline may look like:


1.1. Introducing your work to readers, explaining what you’re going to write about.

1.2. Making a thesis statement – the main question of your work. Do new technologies impact the studying process in a good way or they do more harm than help?

Body part:

2.1. Listing devices that can be used for studying process as well as just used by students in school for their personal needs.

2.2. Discussing advantages and disadvantages of each and every device, defining if it’s good to use them in school or not.

More about essay structure you can read surfing reliable internet sources, such as Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five-paragraph_essay.

  1. Conclusion:

Make your own conclusions about all you discussed above, give readers your opinion about using new technologies in schools, and define if schools should ban or allow them.

Plan your essay beforehand

Don’t try to write your work at the last night before the deadline because you wouldn’t be able to make a good paper. You need enough time to make an outline, create a draft, and to proofread your work and rewrite a draft. Needless to say that it couldn’t be done well just for a couple of nights. Plan your time, define terms, and follow them carefully. Only in this way you’d have a chance to make a successful essay to impress your readers. Proofread your work for several times after you finished it to avoid logical, spelling and grammar errors. Feel free to use online vocabularies and software for checking grammar mistakes.

We hope our tips were useful, and you created an impressive and interesting work with our little help. If you need other writing advise, feel free to visit our website https://dissertationlabs.com/ and find many good ways to improve your writing.


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