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The 10 Most Common Logo Design Mistakes Most Businesses Make

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All businesses whether they are large or small know the importance of a logo. It states their story by representing the company and is the symbol of their brand identity for the world. Viewed by potential customers and clients daily, it can make a business attain the top notch and it can even ruin the company if its design is poor.

If your logo sucks, you will have a hard time to draw patrons to your trade even your products/services are of optimum quality. Before you go ahead, it would be better for you to know logo design mistakes most businesses do. With this, you will be able to have an excellent logo.

Here are the most common logo design mistakes:

On request of corporates, designers do design work in a hurry. To complete the task, they copy or steal the previously designed logos. They forget to make the required changes to escape from the trademark or copyright infringement. Designers do not do research works and make efforts to design and develop a unique logo.

You know you must save yourself from copyright or trademark infringement to run your business smoothly. Never be in a hurry. Ask your hired designer for conducting proper research before starting the design work. With your support, he will design a perfect logo for making your business a brand or promotion.

Complex Design

When you start working on your logo design, your mind has many ideas. They come out of your mind, and you start offering suggestions to your hired graphic designer. In the excitement of having so many ideas, your design work gets complicated, as the logo represents several strongest approaches you offered to your designer.

You should avoid doing this and ask your designer to keep the logo design clear, simple, unique, and meaningful. With this, you will be successful in creating a brand for your business.

Poor Choice of Colors

Most of the company owners or designers make mistakes in choosing the color. Sure, a logo should be vibrant and colorful, as it draws the attention of customers by making a catchy brand image. However, you should keep in mind that every color does not go easily with one another. You should ask your designer to work in black and white, as it is the best way to escape from the mistake of poor color choices. Get the support from Adobe’s Colour to choose the best color. You should add limited colors to your logo to make it appealing and sensible.

You wish that your designed logo should be a modern and fresh one. For this, you choose a too trendy design for your logo. Your logo should be timeless, but not a flash in the pan. Keep in mind that font trends come and go. You can be made foolish for riding the vehicle of particular trendy design. Your logo design should be the one that can last for an extended period, but not for a while.

Inflexible Logo Designs

In your business operations, you need your company logo for various purposes. Getting your company logo designed in one format will be a blunder. You should ask your designer to design the logo that can fit in any format.

Getting a flexible design for your logo is essential. You can comprehend it with an example. Suppose that you are running a wine company and you print your logo only on wine bottle labels. You know you can face problems after one or two years when you will decide to get your organization’s logo embroidered on your staff uniform. For this, you will have to get your logo redesigned. The best idea is that you should get the logo, which is flexible and can fit any format.

Being Out of the Portfolio

Most company owners get of their business portfolio while asking designers for designing their logo. They do so to make their clients and customers happy. It is not right. You should avoid this and ask the graphics professional for the right suggestions so that you can have a logo that can represent your business portfolio. With this, you will be successful in making a brand for your commerce.

Use of Stock Images or Clipart

You should never ask your designer to use clipart or stock images. With this, your logo can lack meaning and reflect bad impact. Instead, the designer should comprehend your business nature and conduct in-depth research on that. Without the use of resellable templates, your logo should have custom designs to leave a long-lasting effect.

Irrelevant Inclusions

There are certain things that should not be included in a logo. For instance, you should avoid inserting Co, LLC, Inc, Pvt etc in your company logo. You can use symbols like for Trademark and © for Copyright. The usage of such symbols is fine. You should avoid putting irrelevant things.

Hiring Amateur for Logo Design

Most businesses hire anyone with tags like professional designer and graphic designer. It is a blunder, as the work of logo design is directly linked to your business brand. You should avoid hiring any designer. Instead, you should go for a highly skilled, trained, and experienced designer even if you have to a little higher.

Too Many Fonts

Many of you think that different fonts leave a good impact, and hence, you ask your designer to use more than one font in the work of logo design. Here you are wrong. Every typeface is distinct, and people take time to recognize it. The usage of too many fonts can cause confusion to your clients or patrons.

To leave a positive impact, you can use two fonts in your logo. With the limited font, you can improve your brand recognition.

Bottom line

A logo is the face of your business. With excellent logo design, people can easily recognize your company. Therefore, you should never make any mistake in your logo design.

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