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The Advantages Of Using Cloud Phone Systems

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So what is a cloud phone system? A cloud phone system is what is sometimes referred to as VoIP. This means Voice Over Internet Protocol.

Rather than having your business’ phone systems attached to the traditional or analog phone connection, it’s connected to the Internet. The cloud phone system is a business telephone platform that’s hosted by a third-party provider.

In comparison with traditional phone systems, a cloud phone system has the advantages of services such as conference calls and auto attendants. Having this system in place for your business promises advantages such as:

Higher Cost-Savings For The Company

When a business has a cloud phone system in place, this enables them to enjoy so much as to savings. All that’s needed to be maintained is a fixed subscription to a fast Internet connection. When this is paid for, the VoIP system runs efficiently.

Here are other ways that a cloud phone system results in more savings for the business:

  • Doesn’t charge extra for more calls, unlike with traditional phone systems that charge you by the minute
  • Offers unlimited packages for a fixed price
  • No need to purchase expensive hardware, as you may already have computers and phones in place. If you need to purchase gadgets such as laptops, there are many now that you can choose that are both of good quality and are also reasonably priced.

Ease Of Use And Installation

You don’t need to employ a team of technical staff on a fixed basis for the maintenance of your cloud phone system. Anyone can operate it with so much ease. There are administrative portals in place that enable the user to create changes with just a few clicks. This includes adjustments relating to adding a new phone line, for instance. This turns out to be more advantageous for the company than having to maintain an IT support team. Costs are reduced, and changes can be made right away, the moment that it’s needed.

Offers Geographic Flexibility

Another one of the advantages of a cloud phone system is the geographic flexibility that it offers. Unlike the traditional phone system, you don’t exactly have to be beside the desk for anyone in the office to pick up a call. Even when members of the team are on-the-go, or on the field, they can pick up phone calls.

For as long as an Internet connection is present, calls can be made and picked up. This means that your business also has the flexibility to offer jobs to remote employees or home-based positions.

This cloud phone system works highly advantageous, especially for businesses that have multiple offices. It’s easier to complete transactions across different offices with this kind of system. You don’t even have to set foot to the other office anymore, just to convey a message clearly, or send files, for instance. It makes for more efficient business operations.

Contains Advanced Features

Cloud-based phone systems are a product of the technological advancements in place today. This means that compared with the older, more traditional phone systems, this is one that contains so many more advanced features. When your supplier upgrades in offers, you can also upgrade your subscription to be at par with the latest technological advancements that are present in communication. This places your business at a competitive position, such that you’re not behind any advancements.

Some of these advanced features include:

  • Automatic attendants
  • Voice conferencing
  • Call transfer
  • Advanced emailing messages
  • Scheduled automated calls
  • Voicemails

These features can also be upgraded or downgraded, with so much more flexibility. You only have to call your provider and make a request for removal or addition. This improves sales, as it takes away the need to have to pay for features you don’t even get to use.

Higher Reliability

The components of a cloud-based phone system aren’t all just housed within one software. This means that there are lesser interruptions and downtimes. For example, with a traditional phone system, the business’ phone lines get affected when there’s bad weather, weak signal, or if the telecommunications company is undergoing repair and maintenance. During this timeframe, all modes of communication in the business are shut down.

With a cloud-based phone system, this rarely happens. Interruptions over the Internet are less likely to happen. Plus, it’s also easier to have a back-up Internet connection as well, such as the individual phones’ mobile data connections.


Business phone systems have been around for a long time now. Before the Internet even came, businesses already had their sophisticated calling systems. But, as the technology wasn’t yet so advanced, the system was limited only to traditional calls. When technology started to progress, then came the cloud phone systems based on the Internet. This enabled businesses to have better and more efficient calling systems. These advantages and so many more are some of those that you can achieve with a cloud phone system.

Give time for more research and to study each option, to ensure that you’re selecting the best choice of cloud phone system for your business.

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